Search for Arts in Life: 14th Macau City Fringe Festival

78 outstanding performances in the 14th Macau City Fringe Festival (Photo: Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau)
The 14th Macau City Fringe Festival runs from 1st to 16th November (Photo: Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau)

Organised by the Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM), the 14th Macau City Fringe Festival - featuring 39 programmes and 78 performances - will be held from the 1st to 16th November, with performers hailing from as far afield as Portugal, France, Brazil, Israel, Spain and the Netherlands – not to mention Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan China, Mainland China and, of course, Macau.

Activities include dance, drama, music, puppetry, street arts, exhibitions, painting, artistic installations, workshops, guided tours, parades and lectures. The Fringe is committed to enabling local artists, foreign ‘Fringers’ and residents to participate in various activities throughout the city by bringing a variety of interesting and creative performances into the heart of living communities. By focusing on Searching for Arts in Life, performances will explore characteristic venues across the city, paying attention to community cultural development plus arts and community interaction, while co-ordinating with related associations in neighbouring cities, expanding and developing networks, and better employing cultural resources.

To encourage artists, residents and the community at large to participate in the Festival the organizers have invited a number of local troupes and institutions to assist, including Alliance Française de Macau, Macau Music Power, Blue Blue Sky Arts Association, Macau Theatre Culture Institute, International Performing Arts Association of Macau, Stepout and Stella & Artists.

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