UFBMM appointed first Asian Embassy of WFTA

UFBMM appointed first Asian Embassy of WFTA

The United Association of Food & Beverage Merchants of Macau (UFBMM) invited Mr. Erik Wolf, Executive Director of the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) as a guest speaker to talk about the future development of the F&B industry in Macau as well as global trends in food travel on 11th September.

The two associations later inked a memorandum of understanding appointing UFBMM as WFTA’s second Embassy worldwide and its first in Asia.

Portugal, the Association’s first Embassy, will host the next World Food Travel Summit from 6th to 11th April, 2015.

Under the new partnership agreement, WFTA and UFBMM will collaborate on preserving and promoting Macau’s unique culinary culture with the express purpose of promoting the territory as a food tourism destination, one of a number of projects the two groups will work on together. The first joint project will assess the suitability of hosting a World Food Travel Summit & Consumer Food Travel Expo in Macau. This collaboration is designed to benefit Macau’s hotels, resorts, restaurants, food and drink retail outlets, tour operators to Macau and related F&B, travel and hospitality businesses.

Established in 2003, WFTA is a leading authority on food tourism, comprising 30,000 professionals in 135 countries.