Macau Cuisine Stars in 2015 Michelin Guide

French contemporary restaurant Robuchon au Dôme boasts 3 Michelin stars

The Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2015 recently declared what it perceives as the very best restaurants in the two SARs, with CNN Travel noting that ‘Hong Kong and Macau are among the most affordable Michelin lists in the world – [offering] variety’. Which is surely good news for foodies visiting Macau who now have an increasing choice of starred culinary experiences.

Macau has long been famous for its food – particularly the eclectic mix that makes up traditional Macanese dishes – but the introduction of new, international influences has changed the culinary landscape immensely. The exceptional 3-star honour has been awarded to French contemporary restaurant Robuchon au Dôme and Chinese restaurant The Eight, while Chinese restaurant Golden Flower and Cantonese specialist Zi Yat Heen have been awarded 2 stars.

1-star restaurants, which are feted as excelling in their category, are Jade Dragon (Cantonese), King (Cantonese), The Golden Peacock (Indian), The Kitchen (Steakhouse), The Tasting Room (French contemporary), Tim's Kitchen (Cantonese) and Wing Lei (Cantonese), while Bib Gourmands go to restaurants serving good food at moderate prices.

Bib Gourmands have been picked up by Portuguese restaurants A Lorcha, Café Leon, Manuel Cozinha Portuguesa, Cantonese restaurants Chan Seng Kei, Hou Kong Chi Kei, Lou Kei (Fai Chi Kei) and Tou Tou Koi, noodles and congee specialists Cheong Kei, Luk Kei Noodle, and Noodle & Congee Corner. Bib Gourmands have also been awarded to IFT Educational Restaurant for its Macanese cuisine, Square Eight for its Chinese delicacies, and Temptations for its European – Cantonese fare.