‘Parade through Macau, Latin City’ 2014

The ‘Parade through Macau, Latin City’ proceeds from the Ruins of St. Paul’s (Photo provided by Cultural Affairs Bureau)

The ‘Parade through Macau, Latin City’ is an annual cultural event that unfolds as a procession through the streets of Macau to celebrate the establishment of the Special Administrative Region (SAR). Created in 2011, the Parade is held this year on 14th December to mark the 15th Anniversary of the establishment of the Macau SAR just six days later. Themed ‘Let’s uncover the mysteries of space!’ it can be seen that the occasion is very much one of exuberance, creativity and downright fun.

Some 2,000 people from more than 50 performing groups, both local and international, will suit up for this year’s extravaganza, making their way - singing and dancing - through the city’s historic districts. Organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau the overarching concept is to bring the whole multicultural community of Macau together while extending the hand of friendship to outsiders.

Parade mascot ‘VIVA’ leads the way, with opera, theatre, music, martial arts, dance and Oriental dance all woven into the festivities. Artistes from Spain, Portugal, France, Argentina, Indonesia, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan - plus homegrown talent - help turn Parade through Macau, Latin City into the biggest street party of the year. Face painting and stage performances add to the festive atmosphere as the Parade makes its way from the Ruins of St. Paul’s at 4:00pm to Tap Seac Square via the ‘artistic’ St. Lazarus; Quarter.

During the Parade, crowd control measures and road closures will be enacted, thus visitors can walk or take public transport. For event details, please visit: www.icm.gov.mo/macaoparade and Facebook: www.facebook.com/macaoparade.