Government Launches Programme to Train MICE Workers

The government rolls out its programme to nurture MICE personnel

With economic diversification a high priority on the government’s agenda, Macau Economic Services Bureau (DSE) Director Sou Tim Peng recently announced a subsidized scheme to train MICE workers, adding that the government would subsidise the programme to the tune of five million patacas a year.

The MICE sector – comprising meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions – is a pivotal part of the ongoing work to promote and facilitate adequate economic diversification of the economy of the territory to the extent that the Macau SAR Government has formed a Convention and Exhibition Development Committee. The DSE Director said that the government was now actively encouraging local companies and associations to train their employees and members for work in the blossoming MICE sector, and represents a continuation of the existing MSAR policy of expanding subsidies for the city’s MICE industry.

Under this new subsidy scheme, qualified local private tertiary education units, training centres or non-profit associations comprising MICE professionals can apply for up to MOP600,000 (US$75,125) to provide a non-degree training programme related to the MICE industry, which should last less than 12 months.

Companies or non-profit associations with conventions and exhibitions professionals who wish to participate in MICE-related certification programmes or examinations will also be subsidised by the government for a year by up to MOP30,000.

The institutions providing these non-degree training programmes are not restricted to Macau, as the government accepts qualified education units in Asia participating in the scheme.

“Not only the MICE events planning domain is included in these subsidised courses; those involving marketing and promotion, public relations management and contracting works are also covered by the scheme,” the head of conventions, exhibitions and economic activities development department from Macau Economic Services, Mr. Chan Weng Tat, recently announced to interested applicants.

Macau Economic Services estimates that some MOP100 million will be spent this year supporting the new subsidy scheme for training MICE professionals, as well as for the International Meeting and Trade Fair Support Programme - an incentive scheme implemented in January this year subsidising companies engaged in attracting more international events to Macau.