Hotel Projects Continue to Expand

48 projects were under construction or planning by the third quarter of last year

As at the third quarter of last year, the city had 21 hotel projects under construction, with another 27 in the planning stage. According to the latest data from the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau, all 48 projects will initially provide some 25,800 hotel rooms, representing a 70 per cent rise of hotel rooms under construction since the previous year.

Twenty-one hotel projects under construction will provide 14,400 hotel rooms, with ten projects underway on the Macau Peninsula providing a potential supply of about 1,100 rooms; seven Cotai projects are expected to deliver about 11,900 hotel rooms, while three construction projects currently underway in Taipa will provide 1,000 hotel rooms. A 5-star hotel project in Coloane is expected to deliver about 200 rooms. The aforementioned 21 hotels will occupy over 1.22 million square metres, an increase of 67 per cent on 2013.

The Bureau reports that another 27 hotel projects in the planning stage could deliver more than 11,300 rooms in total. Twenty-one of these are on the Macau Peninsula, and could supply 3,200 hotel rooms. One planned project in Taipa could provide 120 hotel rooms, while three hotel projects on the drawing board for Cotai would provide 7,400 hotel rooms. Coloane is expected to deliver 460 rooms from another two projects.