‘Free Exercise’ Yachting for Macau, Zhongshan

Last year, the governments of Macau and Zhongshan have signed last year a “Co-operation Agreement on the free exercise of yachting” (Photo provided by Government Information Bureau)

From July this year, yachties will be able to moor in Macau and Zhongshan’s God Bay. Customs clearance, quarantine and so on will be simplified, too. In addition, yachts crossing the border will only need a bank credit line, according to the Zhongshan Town Committee, who say it is dependent upon a variety of countries granting reciprocal rights to Guangdong’s pilot policies.

It has been determined that God Bay in Zhongshan is the nearest and most suitable place for the construction of a marina. Macau and Guangdong will facilitate the first ‘free exercise’ movement of yachts in July. The voyage to Brothers Island, only 16 nautical miles from Macau, takes just 40 minutes. In July, 100 berths will be available for yachts, in addition to 45 villas.

The supervision and new procedures are designed to maximise the convenience of the region’s citizens and visiting foreigners, with improved yacht satellite positioning, tracking and management issues simplifying entry and exit procedures.