Flurry of Activity as MIA Spreads its Wings

MIA is expanding its north side Passenger Terminal Building this year to increase carrying capacity

Macau International Airport (MIA) is focusing on substantially increasing capacity with the extension of the Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) north side, an improvement driven by the increasing number of travellers using Macau’s sole airport. MIA handled just over 5 million visitors in 2013.

According to Aviation Business, the future project includes the creation of a new business jet hangar and the improvement of the apron.

“Following the extension of the PTB North side, we expect to accommodate 1.5 million more passengers, adding up to a total of 7.5 million passengers that Macau International’s PTB can accommodate,” a spokesperson from the Airport’s Infrastructure Development Department is quoted as saying. “Moreover, according to the MIA Master Plan by the Civil Aviation Authority of Macau, it is also planning land reclamation for further MIA development.”

The business jet hangar is currently under construction and is expected to be operational later in the year. Meanwhile, the north side extension of the PTB is undergoing the tender process, with construction slated for completion this year, as well.

In related news, Hotel Shilla has won a tender to operate its duty-free chain in Macau International Airport, following its success at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

The Seoul-based hotel announced on 14th October last year that it would run the duty-free business in the airport in Macau in co-operation with Hong Kong-based Sky Connection starting 7th November. Both companies formed a consortium called Sky Shilla Duty Free Limited to operate the 1,122 square metre zone, or half of the total business area, for five years.

Hotel Shilla, holding a 40 per cent stake in the consortium, is managing the perfume, cosmetics and fashion sections. An affiliate of Samsung Group, Shilla plans to sell not only overseas luxury brands but domestic beauty products as more than 60 per cent of airport users are Chinese nationals. The incumbent King Power Hong Kong duty-free company holds the remaining share, and is responsible for operating the liquor, tobacco and local product business. Sales volume is expected to reach $480 million for the period of the five-year contract.

“Macau is one of the major duty free markets in the world. It is expected to be a stepping stone to expand our duty free business in the Southeast Asian market. We will also boost our competitiveness to lead the global market,” Shilla’s vice president Cha Jung-ho said.