Phase II of ZAPE-Guia Pedestrian Walkway Up and Running

The ZAPE - Guia Pedestrian Walkway bridging Comendador Ho Yin Garden and Calçada da Vitória is now open to pedestrians, and takes about 15 minutes

In order to encourage green travel - this month the territory celebrates its 34th Macau Green Week - the government has divided the ZAPE-Guia Pedestrian Walkway renovation system into three areas. Phase 1 of the Walkway renovation (new turret) has been completed, with the second phase of the park and pedestrian walkway between the Guia Hill Trail and Calçada da Vitória operational from 31st January 2015. In the near future, Phase III will provide two subways for fast, safe passage.

Phase II occupies some 7,000 square metres, including a 1,200-square metre green park as well as a 6-storey, 30-metre long pedestrian bridge linking up to Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues.

Meanwhile, the road from Guia Hotel to Calçada da Vitória is now closed to vehicular traffic because of the structural works being undertaken for the tunnel entrance and elevator facilities and can be used by pedestrians for 500 days.

When the whole project is finished, it will serve as a convenient short cut from Central area to ZAPE. In addition, the government will tailor public transportation and its green transport policy development accordingly.