Macau Retains Fifth Position in Top Ten Tourist Receipts Ranking

Macau tourism development going strong

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recently released its year-end report reviewing global international tourism receipts garnered in 2013, identifying the Top 10 countries or regions in terms of tourism receipts, in which Macau held onto its number 5 ranking in the world and number 2 in the Asia-Pacific region, taking in more than HK$400 billion. In terms of International Tourist Arrivals (excluding same-day visitors) for the same period, according to the UNWTO ranking Macau retained its fifth position in the Asia Pacific region, after Mainland China, and ranks number 19 in the world, up from number 20 in the previous year.

The United States tops the rankings with income exceeding HK$1,000 billion, far outstripping the second and third places occupied by Spain and France. Thailand entered the Top Ten in seventh position, pushing back Germany, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Hong Kong ranked tenth with international tourism receipts of over HK$300 billion. The report identifies popular tourist income countries or regions that have increased their standings in the previous year.

The local industry believes that with the rolling out of a number of large projects, the free exercise of yachting in coastal waters, and the development of a multi-destination tourism drive to attract more tourists to visit Macau this year's patronage of the MSAR can maintain healthy single-digit growth.