Macau implements measures to guard against MERS

Health Bureau advises Macau residents to avoid unnecessary travel to South Korea (Photo provided by Government Information Bureau)

Health Bureau and Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) issued recommendations and timely reminders to the territory's residents to guard against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The Health Bureau has also announced that it has raised its MERS response level to high.

GGCT issued a press release recommending that Macau residents do not travel to Korea if at all possible. Those who must go or are already in Korea should carefully follow the advice of the Health Bureau. They should avoid going to hospital in the country and avoid contact with local medical staff. They should pay attention to their personal hygiene, such as regularly washing their hands and wearing masks in public areas.

The Maritime and Water Bureau has also strengthened the health management of maritime ports and requested management companies involved with maritime matters to enhance the cleanliness of their operations. In addition, they should be aware of the health of those people who enter and exit Macau, whilst co-operating with shipping companies to implement countermeasures.

Tours to Korea in July cancelled

In response to MERS, Macau travel agencies have decided to cancel all tours in July to South Korea. Air Macau has also adjusted its flights on the Seoul route. Individual passengers who have booked on or before 9th June, departing on or before 31st July, may reschedule or change their waypoint. Regardless of whether their ticket indicates that it 'cannot be rescheduled or refunded' or that a 'fee to reschedule' will be levied these passengers can change their tickets for free or change their waypoint.

Groups may also choose to reschedule or change waypoint. Those who have paid deposits or groups who have been ticketed can use the deposit or ticket for up to three months later. For more details, please visit:

GGCT has announced that Macau residents in need of assistance can contact the Tourism Hotline (853) 2833 3000 or Health Bureau (853) 2870 0800.