Macao to Join First Beijing Hosted World Conference on Tourism for Development

First World Conference on Tourism for Development will be held in Beijing in May (Photo provided by UNWTO website)

The First World Conference on Tourism for Development, organized by the Government of the People's Republic of China and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), will be held in Beijing, China from 18th to 21st May. Deputy Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office, Cecilia Tse, will attend the Conference.

Themed 'Tourism for Peace and Development', the goal of the Conference is to spur dialogue and create a better understanding of tourism's contribution to development, particularly with respect to the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of peace.

The four-day Conference will be complemented by three high level sessions focusing on 'Tourism for Development', 'Tourism for Poverty Reduction' and 'Tourism for Peace' with the Beijing Declaration on Tourism for Development to be announced during the Conference.

The Conference will be attended by several heads of state and government as well as tourism ministers and senior officials from 143 countries, in conjunction with representatives from the U.N and tourism academics. Some 850 individuals are expected to participate.

MGTO Director to attend PATA Annual Summit

MGTO Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes will attend the PATA Annual Summit in Guam from 18th to 21st May.

The PATA Annual Summit will attract 200 to 400 delegates from over 30 countries and regions, bringing together international industry shapers and senior decision-makers who are professionally engaged with the Asia Pacific region. The Summit will serve both as the Association's Annual General Meeting (AGM) and as a global tourism forum for enhancing the sustainable growth, value and quality of travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region

The four- day Annual Summit 2016 comprises the Association's executive and advisory board meetings, Annual General Meeting, and PATA Youth Symposium; plus a one-day conference addressing major issues relevant to the travel and tourism industry. This year, PATA, in partnership with UNWTO, will hold a half-day PATA/UNWTO Ministerial Debate on Pacific Island Tourism

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