Three IC Restoration Projects Opening this Year

The Maritime Workshops were constructed in 1890

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) is expected to complete three restoration projects this year - namely, the Patane Library, Maritime Workshops, and No. 80 Rua das Estalagens, also known as Chong Sai Pharmacy - the public opening of which is sure to increase the cultural attractions of Macao.

Located near A-Ma Temple, the Maritime Workshops were built in 1890, and commonly referred to as 'Barra Docks'. IC plans to open the machine room - for ship building and ship repairing - at the end of this year. The Maritime Workshops will also be utilised as a contemporary art centre for the display of outstanding visual art works, an experimental theatre and visual arts education venue.

In addition, Chong Sai Pharmacy at No. 80 Rua das Estalagens is the site of the 'Father of China' Dr. Sun Yat-sen's clinic. According to property registration information, the 120-year old building is a typical residential building of its time, with lower floor used for shop premises and the upper floor used for living space. This restoration project is nearing completion and will open to the public this year.

The Patane Library is a row of seven old low-rises, with No. 69 to 81, Rua da Ribeira do Patane being converted by IC into a new library slated to open in 2016. Most of the construction for the Patane library has basically been completed, with the Bureau already ordering books and equipment, in addition to installing utilities.