Free Yacht Travel Scheme to Set Sail Soon

IPIM and Zhongshan Trade Institute ink a trade co-operation protocol (Photo provided by Government Information Bureau)

The 2nd meeting of the Special Group for the Promotion of Zhongshan and Macao Co-operation took place on 13th September in Macao. The Secretary for Economy and Finance, Leong Vai Tac, and the Municipal Governor of Zhongshan, Jiao Lan Dheng, concluded the work done in the last year, agreeing that with the support of the two governments as well as the efforts of all sectors of the two territories Zhongshan and Macao co-operation could continuously make progress, particularly in the context of innovation and youth entrepreneurship, Free Yacht Travel Scheme and so forth. It is expected that the Free Yacht Travel Scheme between Zhongshan and Macao will begin soon.

During the meeting, Secretary Leong Vai Tac emphasised that the implementation of the Free Yacht Travel Scheme will help foster Macao's luxury tourism projects, attracting tourists of different levels to Macao, increasing tourist elements of both parties and thus contributing to building Macao as a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure. At the same time, it will boost the development and growth of related industries, stimulating economic vitality, providing the business sector and young business opportunities and development, and further promoting adequate diversification of the Macao economy.

During the meeting, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) and Zhongshan Trade Institute signed a trade co-operation protocol. And to implement the framework agreement on the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship of young people between Macao and Zhongshan, signed in this year's edition of the Guangdong-Macao Co-operation Joint Conference, a working group was established.

Secretary Leong Vai Tac said at the meeting that the co-operation mechanism between Macao and Zhongshan is established, stressing that in the future it is necessary to promote and deepen bilateral co-operation in all areas. Meanwhile, Macao's role will be valued as a service platform for trade and co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, making every effort to provide support and services required for prospecting by the business sector of Zhongshan, the Lusophone markets and vice versa, providing assistance to businesses in the Portuguese-speaking countries that want to enter the Zhongshan market. In future, Macao will co-operate with Zhongshan in order to create regional brand fairs and continue to proactively support cultural exchanges between the two locations, as well as the co-operation of the industries involved.