Sports Bureau to hold Second Wushu Masters Challenge Next Year

Overall arrangements of Wushu Masters Challenge a hit with participants, residents and visitors

The first Wushu Masters Challenge was launched this August. The Sports Bureau of Macao SAR has announced that questionnaire results of the Challenge reveal that the majority of residents and visitors support the government in continuing to organise the Wushu Masters Challenge next year, believing the event enhances tourism and wushu development in Macao. Based upon the positive feedback from the questionnaire, the Sports Bureau has announced it will continue organising the event in 2017.

The survey collected 1,002 valid questionnaires from 600 local residents and 402 visitors. The questionnaire employed the random sample method and because several activities were held in different venues such as Tap Seac Square, Tap Seac Multisports Pavilion, Senado Square, Amizade Square and Iao Hon Park during the Challenge the questionnaires were proportionally weighted.

The results show that about 60 per cent of residents and 83 per cent of visitors were satisfied with arrangements overall. Over 80 per cent of residents enjoyed the closing ceremony and over 90 per cent of visitors enjoyed the International Taolu Competition.

The majority of interviewees thought the four days of the Wushu Masters Challenge were attractive, 83 per cent of interviewees support the continuation of the Challenge, while only 7.1 per cent of interviewee do not support it. Moreover, more than 80 per cent of interviewees believe the event can enhance tourism and wushu development in Macao.