Alexis Tam Announces New Tourism and Culture Policy Plans for 2017

Secretary Alexis Tam announces major policy objectives of the MSAR’s social and cultural programmes to the Legislative Assembly (Photo provided by Government Information Bureau)

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam introduced major policy objectives regarding socio-cultural aspects whilst attending a Legislative Assembly session on 1st and 2nd December, 2016. Among other initiatives, he announced that the Macao SAR Government will progress an application to become a UNESCO Creative Cities Network member for Gastronomy, elevating Macao cuisine, a hybrid of Chinese and Western culture, into a world famous cities calling card.

The Secretary also confirmed that the Macao SAR Government has approved the concept of a complete restoration of the Grand Prix Museum and relocation of the Wine Museum. In addition, he encouraged the tourism industry to provide more seaborne-oriented sightseeing opportunities and to manage the Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTEF) in such a way as to create a world class platform for the tourism industry. He also said that in recent years, the government has attached great importance to overseas publicity generated by the large-scale events held around the world promoting Macao's tourism products. The structure of Macao's visitor profile has clearly changed, particularly with regard to the markets that have expanded flight routes to Macao such as Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and the Taiwan region, with visitors to Macao posting double-digit growth in some of the markets.

He also advocated consolidating the Greater China market, increasing the number of promotions for medium-haul markets like Malaysia and Indonesia, enhancing regional economic co-operation, developing tourism products related to the Maritime Silk Road, exploring new diversified tourism markets, and attracting more 'quality' visitors for increased stays in the territory.

In order to continually expand cultural spaces, Secretary Tam said the Macao SAR Government is planning to build a number of suchlike facilities; namely, Xian Xinghai Memorial Hall, the villas located in the precincts of Avenida do Coronel Mesquita and Estrada de Coelho do Amaral, Macao Literary Museum, and Seac Pai Van Library. He added that the Macao SAR Government will build the Tap Siac Youth Centre for Cultural, Recreational and Sports Activities and the new Central Library. In addition, new 'Macao public library travel routes' will identify the local 'cultural living system' whilst integrating it into the community.

For the support of the cultural and creative industries, the Macao SAR will convert Navy Yard No.1 near A-Ma Temple into a display area and sales platform for local cultural and creative products and contemporary artwork. The Macao SAR will also improve the number of cultural incentive schemes in addition to finding, cultivating and training local cultural talent at different levels. The open consultation of the Plan for the Safeguarding and Management of the Historic Centre of Macao will also be finalized, while the Macao SAR will survey and evaluate all physical and intangible cultural heritage. Finally, the Macao Government will embark upon the repair of the houses in Ka Ho Village of Our Lady, and a shipyard and two cottages in Lei Chi Vun Village.

He said that Macao is a small city aspiring to be a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure thus more work has to be done to create more diversified tourism products whilst promoting the sustainable development of the tourism industry in order to create more favourable conditions for living, transportation, travel and entertainment for visitors.