Red Pandas Meet Macao

Red pandas are classified as second-grade state protected animals in China (Photo provided by Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau)

A couple of red pandas provided by the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has arrived to Macao. Having first been quarantined in the Rare Animals Pavilion in Seac Pai Van Park, they have been meeting the public since 19th December, 2016.

The two 3-year old red pandas - the male Luo Luo is active and curious; the female Tong Tong is quiet and shy - romp in the Rare Animals Pavilion where wooden facilities allow them to climb in surroundings akin to their natural habitat.

The red panda, the companion animal of giant pandas in the wild, is classified as a second-grade state protected animal in China. Like the giant panda, the red panda subsists primarily on bamboo and has a pseudo-thumb on each of its front legs, enabling it to climb gracefully through the trees. These gentle-tempered creatures have a reddish-brown fur and a hairy tail with rings, which is why they are also known as 'fire foxes' and in Chinese the 'nine-ringed wolf.'