Macao SAR Government Implements Travel Alert System

The Travel Alert System has three alert levels, and applies to 77 countries or travel destinations
GGCT will be in charge of managing the Travel Alert System which is effective form 7th March

The Macao Special Administrative Region Travel Alert System will become effective on 7th March, 2017. The three-level Travel Alert System applies to 77 countries or travel destinations which are the preferred travel destinations of Macao residents (given that Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region are part of the People's Republic of China, these are not covered by the Travel Alert System).The implementation of the System enables easy and timely dissemination of information on crisis situations, emergencies or catastrophes affecting different parts of the world, in order to raise the awareness of the population and to facilitate their decision when travelling abroad.

Travel Alert Level 1 represents an imminent threat to personal safety. Residents planning to travel to or who have already arrived at their destination should be alert and vigilant about their own safety. It is suggested they exercise caution and monitor developments that might affect their personal safety. Level 2 represents an elevated threat to personal safety. Thus, residents planning to travel to or who have already arrived at their destination should reconsider travel arrangements. It is suggested they avoid non-essential travel to the destination. Level 3 represents the presence of an extreme threat to personal safety. Residents planning to travel or who have already arrived at their destination should be aware of the severity of the situation and limits to any official assistance that can be provided. It is advised they avoid travelling to the destination and in certain situations follow the advice issued by the Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) to leave the destination.

Factors that will be taken into consideration when issuing, cancelling, raising or lowering the levels of the travel alerts are the danger levels to the socio-economic fabric, the political currents of the destinations that can constitute simple or complex scenarios (with multiple dangers), the concrete situation, the degree of threat to personal safety, threat duration, whether the affected destination is sought by residents, and whether the threat targets tourists as well as any travel alerts issued by Mainland China, the Hong Kong SAR and neighbouring regions.

The Travel Alert System merely serves as an indicator of emergency status, and does not constitute any form of guarantee of safety. The System does not have a prohibitive nature and it is up to each individual to decide or adjust their travel plans according to the information provided. GGCT advises local residents to purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to travelling, with coverage option for the System and international emergency medical evacuation coverage. Travellers should also verify with their insurers in case of doubt regarding the terms and conditions of their insurance coverage.

It is the responsibility of GGCT to relay the said Alert System Information to the public regarding the issuing, cancellation, elevation or reduction of the levels of the travel alerts, which will be disseminated in the form of press releases by the Government Information Bureau and also via the website of the Tourism Crisis Management Office.

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