Taipa Ferry Terminal Now Operational

MSAR Chief Executive Chui Sai On officiates at the opening ceremony of the new Taipa Ferry Terminal (Photo provide by Government Information Bureau)
The opening of the new Taipa Ferry Terminal will benefit the development of Macao’s multi modal ferry passengers services

The new Taipa Ferry Terminal - whose grand opening ceremony was held on 18th May - officially openes to the public on 1st June. The services of the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal will be transferred to the new terminal. In the first phase, the terminal's eight passenger vessel berths will be operational, as will vending machines, travel information booths and other basic services.

Director of Macao Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) Wong Soi Man said in her speech at the opening ceremony that the Ferry Terminal is an important border for public and tourists alike to enter Macao, with over 120 million passengers having used the Ferry Terminal for travel purposes in the past five years, and the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal earmarked as the third largest border in Macao. The construction of the new Taipa Ferry Terminal caters to the need for long-term development, while the opening ceremony symbolizes the final stage of the construction, with the new terminal opening for public use on 1st June.

As one of the main seaports serving Macao, Taipa Ferry Terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware which can facilitate diverse sea transportation servers. The Ferry Terminal abuts Macau International Airport, increasing the speed of sea-air transport services between the two. In future, she hopes that the Ferry Terminal can organically integrate with the Airport and the Light Rail Transist System to create a seamless land, sea and air traffic hub in the island area. The new terminal can also generate a convenient traffic service, providing more traffic options for public and tourists, further enriching connections between Macao, Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta Area and the world - while facilitating regional economic integration.

Comprising one of the significant infrastructure projects propelling Macao into a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure, the new Taipa Ferry Terminal - occupying approximately 200,000 square metres, 16 berths, three multifunctional berths, and 127 Immigration channels - is capable of fulfilling the increase in demand for sea transportation coping with the development of the Cotai area, while alleviating pressure on the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal on the Macao Peninsula.

In the first phase, eight of the passenger vessel berths will be operational. Due to the space of the new terminal being considerably greater, DSAMA has improved the traffic flow design of the terminal, rearranging different signage to provide clearer guides for tourists. The new terminal is also equipped with electric cabs, baggage trolleys and luggage carousel for travellers. Shops, travel agents, money exchange kiosks, restaurants, babysitting rooms and so forth will be operational at a later stage to provide a more convenient, higher quality and humane service for public and travellers.