Zhang Dejiang Visits Macao, Suggests Three Points for Macao

NPC Chairman Zhang Dejiang receives a warm welcome at Macau International Airport (Photo provide by Government Information Bureau)
NPC Chairman Zhang Dejiang is briefed on the Macao SAR Government’s work by MSAR Chief Executive Chui Sai On and other top officials (Photo provide by Government Information Bureau)
NPC Chairman Zhang Dejiang interacts with the local community in Macao East Asian Games Dome (Photo provide by Government Information Bureau)

Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), Zhang Dejiang visited Macao for an inspection tour from 8th to 10th May. During his visit, Zhang received a briefing on various aspects of Macao SAR Government work, inspected judicial and legislative authorities and a community centre, and interacted with the public as he inspected Macao's development situation and delivered a series of important speeches. Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, Wang Guangya, Deputy Secretary-General of the National People's Congress, Li Fein and Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council Jiang Zelin also joined the inspection tour.

Central Government endorses MSAR Government work

After his flight touched down at Macao International Airport, Zhang delivered a speech at the airport, summing up the goal of the tour being to 'understand, inspect, encourage'. First, Zhang wanted to understand the achievement of Macao development; second, he wished to receive a briefing on various aspects of MSAR Government work on behalf of the Central Government; third, he emphasized that the Central Government would continue supporting Macao's socio-economic development whilst encouraging Macao to achieve a better outcome.

Zhang later received a briefing on various aspects of the SAR Government's work at Government Headquarters, saying the MSAR Government should seize opportunities arising from the country's 13th Five-Year Plan, as well as from the 'Belt and Road' initiative. He also spoke highly of the MSAR Government's efforts in setting up the city's first Five-Year Development Plan, conducting a mid-term review of the city's gaming industry, pressing ahead with the development goals of transforming Macao into a world centre of tourism and leisure and into a commercial and trade co-operation service platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries (collectively known as the One Centre, One Platform initiative). He also encouraged Macao to strive for further diversification of the city's economy.

In addition, Mr. Zhang said the Central Government fully approved the work of the MSAR Government, and suggested it continue to try to unite people from all walks of life, in support of the 'One country, two systems' principle, and that of 'Macao people governing Macao', with a high degree of autonomy and full implementation of the Constitution and the Basic Law.

Zhang suggests three points for Macao

Zhang also made three suggestions for Macao while meeting with different sectors of the community. First, Macao should learn from its past success in implementing the 'One country, two systems' principle in order to make further and bigger improvement in this respect. Second, Macao should ensure a solid and concrete foundation for the 'One country, two systems' principle, the implementation of which was at a critical juncture. He said the torch of patriotism should be passed to the younger generations by teaching them more about the nation's history and culture; patriotic organisations should evolve with changing social needs and embrace new social movements in order to strengthen the force of patriotism, with more effort paid to nurturing local talent.

Third, Macao should foster further progress by safeguarding stability, and support the Chef Executive and MSAR Government according to the law. He added that Macao should integrate into the country's development, and that under the rule of the MSAR Government the Macao public should understand the advantage of Macao and fulfill the needs of the country, thus Macao could develop better while serving the country's needs. Zhang added that Macao should elaborate upon its unique advantages, utilise the Central Government's beneficial policy for Macao, and enlarge the development space of Macao, facilitating economic diversity and sustainable development.

He also said that the Central Government had always attached great importance to Macao's development and supported Macao's use of scientific principles in administering its 85 square kilometres of waters, in order to increase management of the maritime boundary, facilitate the development of the maritime economy, and enhance interaction between Mainland China and Macao. He added that the related department is optimising visa issuance protocols by which Mainland citizens can visit Macao, along with related policies. The NPC Chairman also noted that the Central Government would do everything in its power to promote Macao's growth.