City of Dreams’ ‘The World at Your Feet’ Shopping Promotion Going Strong

City Club Members can enter a lucky draw for the opportunity to win a round trip ticket to major cities during the promotion period (Photo provided by City of Dreams)

City of Dreams is running 'The World at Your Feet' promotional activities from 28th April to 23rd July.

City Club Members can enter a lucky draw by purchasing from any participating retail outlet in City of Dreams for the opportunity to win round trip tickets to major cities. Any member who spends over MOP1,000 in specific restaurants or retail outlets can join the lucky draw held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with the major prize a 365 Day Unlimited Flight Pass worth one million Hong Kong dollars or cash; other prizes include round trip tickets to New York, Madrid, London, Rome and so forth. Members spending over HK$6,000 in the mall can redeem HK$200-worth of rebates in rewards.

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