Sands China Plugs into WWF Earth Hour ‘Just One’ Hotels Programme

The 'Just One' programme will help raise local citizens’ awareness of environmental sustainability (Photo provided by Sands China)

Sands China Ltd. has joined together with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to launch WWF's Earth Hour 'Just One' Hotels Programme. Sands' hotel guests will have the opportunity to participate in climate action and contribute through WWF by adding US$1 (MOP/HK$8) to their bill for every night spent at The Venetian Macao or The Parisian Macao. The collected funds from the 6,000 guestrooms will go towards supporting two WWF initiatives. The Venetian Macao and The Parisian Macao are the first hotels in Macao or Hong Kong to partner WWF via 'Just One.'

Funds raised from the 'Just One' programme will go towards the WWF-China Biomass Fuel Stove Project, which will impact at least 1,000 families in several villages in Mainland China, where coal is the current energy source used for cooking. The reduced environmental impact of the cleaner-burning biomass stoves benefits communities in the form of: decreased carbon dioxide emissions, reduced air pollution, and smaller financial burden for families as a result of reduced costs, not to mention improved indoor air quality, benefiting the health of all.

The funds will also support WWF's Earth Hour which estimated 5,000 Earth Hour Home LED Kits will be distributed to several local schools, raising environmental sustainability awareness of students and parents. Each kit includes all the information needed for families switch to energy-efficient lighting and to participate in Earth Hour.