2017 Wushu Masters Challenge slated for August

The Sports Bureau announces the Wushu Masters Challenge to be held from 10th to 13th August in a major press conference

The 2017 Wushu Masters Challenge - jointly organized by the Sports Bureau and the Wushu General Association of Macau - will be held from 10th to 13th August. Various activities will be held in Tap Seac Multi-sports Pavilion, Macao Forum, the Olympic Sports Centre Indoor Pavilion, Tap Seac Square and Friendship Square. The event gathers the world's greatest Wushu masters to compete against each other, while promoting camaraderie and the long history of the traditional martial arts.

The event highlights three main Wushu categories of Lion Dance, Taolu and Sanda, combining the elements of sport, tourism and culture, creating a brand new sports and tourism event. The event includes the 4th Asian Dragon and Lion Dance Championships, the CKF International Combat Challenge - Macao, International Taolu Competition, Sanda Challenger Competition, Wushu Summer Carnival, International Wushu Coaches Training Course (Taolu, Sanda) and Wushu and Lion and Dragon Dance Parade.

The participation of residents and visitors will be encouraged via various forms of Wushu event, enhancing insights and knowledge of the traditional sports, as well as providing a communication platform for Wushu enthusiasts.

For more details of the 2017 Wushu Masters Challenge, please visit www.sport.gov.mo/en or www.macaowushumc.com/en/sites/wushu_sp/2017/id/397.

Tribute to Bruce Lee's JKD

This is the first event worldwide that specially pays tribute to Bruce Lee's “Jeet Kune Do" theory as well as his lifetime achievements in the world of martial arts. The event - slated for 8th July at The Venetian Macao Cotai Arena - features his theory of the Way of the Intercepting Fist (Jeet Kune Do) in practise with seven different types of martial arts battles with live music performance and DJ plus exhibition further enliven the event.

In addition, the Global Martial Arts Exhibition will be hosted by The Venetian Macao Cotai Arena on 7th and 8th July, with the latest martial arts merchandise, sports and gym gear, food and beverages plus a variety of merchandise on sale. World famous martial arts masters from MMA, Muaythai, Tai-chi, Wing Chun and Mongolian wrestling will host seminars, with seating for over 200 attendees, to share and explain Bruce Lee's JKD theory with martial arts demonstration.