Tour Bus Passenger Drop-off Now A Permanent Arrangement

Tour Bus Passenger Drop-off on Rua de D. Belchior Carneiro was permanent from June (Photo provided by Transport Bureau)
Temporary traffic flow signage will gradually be removed (Photo provided by Transport Bureau)

Tour buses may now allow passengers to alight on Rua de D. Belchior Carneiro every day from 8:00am to 6:00pm on a permanent basis, following a half year trial. Visitors can board at the embarkation and disembarkation area for heavy passenger vehicles in the basement of Tap Seac Square. In tandem with the arrangement, Rua de S. Roque, Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro and part of Rua do Volong are partially designated as pedestrian zones which vehicles are prohibited from entering from 8:30am to 6:00pm every day.

In operation on a trial basis for half a year, the operation has stabilised on Rua de D. Belchior Carneiro and the area for heavy passenger vehicles in the basement of Tap Seac Square. The related sector is already familiar with the pedestrian roadmap and provision of supplementary facilities.

There has also been an increase in traffic flow and traffic safety in this area. According to statistical data, since the implementation of the provision tour buses use the drop-off zone (heavy passenger vehicles) in the basement of Tap Seac Square an average of 65 times a day, from 8:00am to 9:00am.

On 28th April, a maximum of 119 buses were registered in the same period, with the operation stable. The average driving time for that area decreased by 30 per cent compared to the date before the implementation of the respective provision. The running time of bus routes 7 and 8 also decreased in that area.

As the industry and the public are familiar with the above arrangements, from 11th June, the relevant temporary traffic flow signage will be gradually removed, thus drivers must comply with the provisions of the official traffic signs on the road; violation of the provisions of the pedestrian zone by drivers may attract a fine of MOP600. The surrounding roads have also been equipped with video surveillance systems to assist law enforcement.

The Transport Bureau will closely monitor the operation of the arrangements and continue to optimise the equipment in the basement of Tap Seac Square, including lighting and warning equipment, the establishment of a video surveillance system and enhancement of air circulation.