• Nine performance groups from eight countries and regions and 25 from Macao will present a spectacular show during CNY
  • Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Dog - the highlight event of Chinese New Year - is sure to attract thousands of spectators (Photo Courtesy of Government Information Bureau)

Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Dog Welcomes in New Year

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Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) will organize the Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Dog on the third and ninth day of Chinese New Year (18th and 24th February). 'Wong Choi' is the traditional description of the dog in Chinese society, and this year the Parade will be animated by the storyline of a kennel of 'Wong Choi' that has gathered blessings and all kinds of delicious cuisines over the past twelve years to lay before local residents and visitors like a splendid banquet, delivering blessings and wishes for a fruitful, vigorous and prosperous year.

15 decorated floats to join parade

This year the first float parade - starting at 8:00pm on 18th February from a new location, the Sai Van Lake Square in front of Macau Tower - features a flotilla of 15 beautifully decorated floats plus over 1000 performers of nine performance groups from eight countries and regions and 25 local groups. While entertainment on stage continues in Sai Van Lake Square, the floats and some of the performing groups will make their way via Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen on Macao Peninsula to Macao Science Center, with over 2300 seats located in Sai Van Lake Square ('The Golden Lunar Feast'), along Rua da Torre de Macau ('Family Reunion'), the square in front of Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre ('Good Great Fortune'), and the roundabout in front of Macao Science Center ('Lucky Stars') for optimal viewing pleasure.

Celebrity host Kitty Yuen, Hong Kong hip hop group Fama, local singer Germano Guilherme, Stephen Cheng, Rico Leng and Chan U are the evening's emcees. In addition, part of the Parade procession will join the stage performance of singers from Macao and Hong Kong, including Jason Chan, Fama, Mag Lam, Vivian Chan, and Germano Guilherme - followed by a fireworks display at 9:45pm to light up the night skies in a spectacular display of colourful pyrotechnics.

In order to enable residents and visitors to conveniently watch the Parade, MGTO has organized five shuttle bus routes on the Macao Peninsula and in Taipa and Coloane, while outdoor screens will broadcast the Parade live at 8:00pm in different parts of Macao.

The show goes on in Northern district

The second float parade will be held on the ninth day of Lunar New Year (24th February), with 15 floats commencing with a kick-off ceremony at Rua Norte do Patane at 8:00pm. The floats will progress to Avenida do Conselheiro Borja, Estrada do Arco, Estrada da Areia Preta, Avenida de Venceslau de Morais, Rua Quatro do Bairro da Areia Preta, Avenida da Longevidade and Rua do Mercado de Iao Hon until finishing at Iao Hon Market Garden. Here, performers hosted by famous Hong Kong celebrity host Kitty Yuen, Germano Guilherme and Stephen Chan will welcome Hong Kong artist Nancy Sit, and local singers Sean Pang, Viviana Lo, Kane Ao Ieong, Elvis Lam and Roberto Madan on stage to round off the evening.

As per tradition, all of the splendid floats will be showcased to the public, this time in Macao Science Center from 10:00pm on 18th February to 5:00pm on 24th February, and then similar to previous years in Tap Seac Square from 10:00pm on 24th February until 6:00pm on 4th March. Local residents and visitors can enjoy the sight of illuminated floats from 6:00pm to 10:00pm during the aforementioned periods (with adjusted schedules on 18th and 24th February, and 4th March).

A WeChat game is also available this year whereby residents and visitors can have opportunities to play the game and win a prize by scanning the QR code via WeChat, not to mention increasing opportunities to share online. For more information, please visit MGTO's WeChat ID 'MGTOweixin'.