Macao Debut for La Parisienne - Cabaret Francaise

La Parisienne - Cabaret Francaise - a combination of traditional and modern cabaret arrives in Macao for the first time at The Parisian Theatre, from now until 17th June.

Launched in 2014, the show has toured Asia and Europe, bringing passion, excitement and pleasure to millions. With state of the art audio and visual technology, the show takes viewers on an immersive tour of Paris via the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, The Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral before heading to Macao. An international cast of 38 performers, illusionists, world champion skaters, international models and award-winning dancers and performers will take the audience on an incredible 65-minute journey.

Face Team Basketball is a six-man, high-energy basketball themed acrobatic act featuring amazing slam dunking with comedy breakdance moves; Ice Skating Adagio, performed by talented Junior World Champion ice skating couple Aleksandr Popov and Elena Efaeva, is simply jaw-dropping, while Globe of Death is a perilously exciting sequence featuring motorcycles speeding inches from each other in an iron globe. Double Levitation is an amazing act featuring magic, ice skating and dance, and Group Ice Skating is thrilling formation ice skating.

Other stunt performances include Can Can dancing, a 4D Synchronised Dance of innovative dance numbers featuring high-wire acrobatics plus burlesque - an iconic Parisian stalwart boasting sensational choreography.

Ticket prices for La Parisienne - Cabaret Francaise are MOP/HKD188, MOP/HKD388, MOP/HKD488. For more information, please visit: or