• Last year’s Global Tourism Economy Forum (Photo courtesy of Global Tourism Economy Forum)
  • South American powerhouses Argentina and Brazil are the designated Partner Countries of GTEF 2019 (Photo courtesy of Global Tourism Economy Forum)

Macao to host Global Tourism Economy Forum 2019 this Month

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Global Tourism Economy Forum 2019 (GTEF 2019) will take place from 13th to 15th October in Macao. Themed ‘Tourism and Leisure: Roadmap to a Beautiful Life’, this edition puts Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Beautiful Life concept at the core of its discussion on the global tourism economy. This year, GTEF will also deepen its collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) by bringing the finale of the ‘UNWTO Tourism Tech Adventure: SportsTech’ to Macao for the first time. In addition, the first ‘GTEF ∙ World Tourism Investment and Financing Conference’ will be launched in this edition.

Introducing new elements for reform of tourism industry

With Argentina and Brazil designated Partner Countries and Jiangsu the Featured China Province, GTEF 2019 brings together ministers of sport, culture and tourism, top international corporate leaders and diverse experts to discuss the latest tourism policies and trends. The GTEF seeks to alert delegates to the opportunities arising from the growth of cultural, sports and wellness tourism. It also seeks to capitalise on the potential of the China and Latin America tourism markets through GTEF’s multiple-purpose platform.

This year, the Forum will deepen its collaboration with UNWTO to stage the finale of the ‘UNWTO Tourism Tech Adventure: SportsTech’ for the first time, set to foster reform and innovation in the tourism value chain, while another signature session - ‘Face to Face, Ministers and Private Sector CEOs’ - will return.

In addition, UNWTO and the Global Tourism Economy Research Centre (GTERC) will co-launch the sixth edition of the UNWTO/GTERC Asia Tourism Trends. The report will present not only the tourism trends and outlook for the Asia Pacific region, but also a feature analysis of the vast development potential of Argentina and Brazil as tourism destinations for the China outbound market, as well as serving as a window on the potential of the cultural, sports and wellness tourism markets in Asia Pacific in moving towards sustainability.

Launch of first World Tourism Investment and Financing Conference

Another new highlight in the Forum is the ‘GTEF ∙ World Tourism Investment and Financing Conference’. As part of the programme of the Conference three round-table discussion panels will explore the topics of ‘Tourism Investment and Co-operation in the Global Multilateral System’, ‘Potential of Chinese Tourism Investment & Co-operation Opportunities in ‘Belt and Road’ Projects’ and ‘Valuation of Tourism Project: Investment & Financing Strategy’.

During the panels, some of the world's top investment experts and tourism leaders will share their latest investment insights to inspire delegates to explore new opportunities in the tourism markets along the Belt and Road and across the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The GTEF 2019 programme will also feature collaborative panels with the Forum’s supporting units once again, including ‘The Role of Chinese Private Enterprises in the Building of the Greater Bay Area: Pioneering Diversified Tourism Offerings for a Beautiful Life’ in co-operation with the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC); ‘Smart Cities to Smart Tourism Destinations: Towards Wellness and Happiness’ in co-operation with the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF); and ‘Travel Lab Asia: Challenges and Opportunities of Bringing Tourism Sustainable Technology to Asia Pacific’ in co-operation with the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), among other sessions.

Delegates will also gain a broader professional perspective from tourism experts’ special keynotes, special interviews with prominent tourism leaders and through a workshop. Business matching, presentations and exhibitions will be available for delegates to tap into networking, investment and co-operation opportunities.

For more information, please visit: www.gte-forum.com.