• Each plastic bag will be charged for MOP1 (photo courtesy of Environmental Protection Bureau)

Plastic Bag Charge Enforced this November

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The law of ‘Restrictions on the provision of plastic bags’ will be enforced in Macao on 18th November. From that date, each plastic bag will be charged for MOP1. Except for non-prepackaged food or medicine, or products that are sold at retail shops in the airport restricted area and subjected to hand luggage safety restrictions, all plastic bags will be charged. Moreover, plastic bags used by catering establishments for takeaway service will be charged while containers used for leftovers after a meal are excluded. Plastic bags used in other service industries for retailing purpose are also under this law with charges applied.  

Retail establishments are required to display the statutory publicity materials in a prominent location during the first two years after the law comes into effect. The materials can be downloaded from the website of the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA): www.dspa.gov.mo, or obtained in DSPA’s designated locations.