• Macao Tourism Mascot ‘MAK MAK’

12 Projects Granted FIC Financial Support for ‘MAK MAK’ Cultural Tourism Brand Building Scheme

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The Cultural Industries Fund (FIC), in collaboration with the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), has launched a financial support scheme for cultural tourism brand building projects themed after the Macao Tourism Mascot ‘MAK MAK’. A total of 52 applications were received during the application period, including 29 applications of cultural tourism product development projects and 23 applications of cultural tourism experience service projects. After professional evaluation, 12 projects were selected, with a total financial support amount of MOP15 million, boosting the total investment value to MOP50 million.  

The ten tourism product development projects that have been approved, in the form of independent development or in collaboration with their own brand respectively, include children’s storybooks, lifestyle gifts, clothing, culinary delicacy, and so forth. The two tourism experience service projects will utilize puppetry and application of new media and technology such as interactive mobile applications, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to develop unique cultural tourism experience products.

These 12 supported projects will be authorised by MGTO to use, in whole or in part, images of the Macao Tourism Mascot ‘MAK MAK’ for their production and sale of related cultural and creative products. With a period of execution of 24 months, FIC will reimburse the actual expenses incurred, with the financial support funds managed through a specific closed bank account subject to audit by an audit firm. The financial support is limited to 50 per cent of total project expenditure, with a maximum limit of MOP500 thousand for cultural tourism product development projects, and a maximum limit of MOP5 million for cultural tourism experience service projects.

For more information about the approved list (Chinese and Portuguese versions only), please visit: www.fic.gov.mo.