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Important Events

Hengqin Port opens, introducing changes to clearance routines

The Hengqin Port is now in operation

The Hengqin Port is now open to the public following its inauguration in August. The facility on the island of Hengqin in Zhuhai includes an area under Macao jurisdiction.

Located just across the Lotus Flower Bridge that links Macao to Hengqin, the Hengqin Port can handle passenger clearance of people entering and leaving Macao, and the clearance of vehicles entering Macao. Vehicles heading from Macao are inspected at a separate, existing facility also on Hengqin.

Following the opening to the public of the Hengqin Port, the Lotus Flower Bridge Checkpoint in Taipa is no longer in operation. All clearance procedures to either enter or leave Macao are handled in the same facility as clearance procedures to either enter or leave Hengqin – a novelty in cross-boundary routines between Mainland China and Macao.

A designated area within the Hengqin Port is governed by Macao law. The application of Macao jurisdiction over a part of the new facility – approved by the State Council in March – is considered to be of great significance in terms of strengthening the interconnectivity of infrastructure linking Macao and the Mainland.

The Macao SAR Government announcement that services had commenced at Hengqin Port also included a notice that drivers and other members of the public wishing to use the Lotus Flower Bridge to travel between Macao and Hengqin pay attention to the new arrangements.