• Light up Macao Drone Gala 2022 to dazzle the city in May

    Organised by Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), the Light up Macao Drone Gala 2022 dazzles the city on 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th May, with two drone shows to take place each evening at Nam Van Lake. Under the theme of Macao for All Seasons, the Drone Gala waves together different elements such as festivals, events and unique architecture, bringing a thrilling nighttime entertainment experience to both residents and tourists, deepening the cross-sector integration of “tourism+” in Macao.

    The shows are designed by a team from a top drone company in Shenzhen that participated in last year’s Drone Gala. In addition, six of the shows are being presented by the event partners, namely Melco Group, Wynn, Sands China Limited, Galaxy Entertainment Group, SJM Resorts, S.A. and MGM. This year’s Drone Gala also includes several outreach activities, including the display of a human size drone, photography contest and more.

    Light up Macao Drone Gala 2022 video

    Constellation of 880 drones to choreograph “Macao for All Seasons”

    The four nights will run under a different theme, namely “Sprint Rejoice”, “Fun-tactic Summer”, “Golden Fall Delights” and “A Merry Winter”. The two shows at each night are held at 8:00pm and 9:30pm (8:30pm and 9:45pm on 4th May). Each show lasts about 15 minutes. A constellation of 880 drones is choreographed to present a dazzling array of 2D and 3D patterns that are combined with lighting, music and narration. Speakers are set up along the Anim’Arte NAM VAN, enhancing the scene effect and atmosphere, as well as enriching the public’s audio and visual experiences.

    The shows are live-streamed via the official MGTO WeChat video account (“澳門特區旅遊局”), the Weibo account (“澳門特區政府旅遊局”) and the Facebook accounts “Stopover Macao” and “Experience Macao”. The shows are also available on TDM’s TDM Ou Mun and TDM Entertainment TV Channel, as well as Macau Cable TV Ch3HD. Meanwhile, live background music and narration is broadcasted by TDM - Radio Macao’s Chinese Channel (FM100.7) on each show night.

    Outreach activities and online games

    There are four outreach programmes during the Drone Gala, including the “Big Big Drone Exhibition”, which features a large drone at the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre on display until 8th May. “Drone Formation Display” is set at the Anim’Arte NAM VAN with 200 drones arranged as the pattern “I ♡ MACAO” in the evening between 5th and 6th May. There are also “Macao for All Seasons” Photography Contest and “Drone Sky Art” Formation Design Contest taking place as part of the Drone Gala.

    Public can participate in the online game at drone-games.ad-on.mo/temp.html on or before 8th May to redeem points for various gifts and offers, as well as to enter at the lucky draw. Prizes include vouchers for hotel stays and meals provided by the six event partners. The online game also features interactive fun on the site. With the advanced AR technology, spectators can conduct AI recognition upon drone patterns through smartphone camera for an interactive experience of the shows.

    All performers and staffs who participate in this event need to follow the guidelines issued by the Health Bureau on the “Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia”. They will need to have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or have taken a nucleic acid test for COVID-19. Spectators must present their green Macao Health Code, scan the venue code, undergo temperature checks and maintain social distances, as well as wear masks throughout the time on site.

    For details, please visit MGTO’s website at www.macaotourism.gov.mo/en.

    “Stay, Dine and See Macao” launches drone-themed itinerary and 11 more new routes

    In line with the Light up Macao Drone Gala 2022, the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” programme has unveiled a drone-themed tour especially for the occasion. On the show days (7th and 8th May), participants can visit A-Ma Temple, Moorish Barracks, Lilau Square, St. Lawrence’s Church, Dom Pedro V Theatre and St. Augustine’s Church, as well as enjoy dinner and the shows at Anim’Arte NAM VAN. Professional photographers also demonstrate to participants on the tour how to skillfully shoot the unique architectural styles of the World Heritage sites and the drone shows themselves.

    In addition, there are 11 new itineraries, six of which feature nighttime and gastronomic tours, offering an array of dynamic night routes and different dining experiences of buffets. There are also two itineraries with the theme of traditional Chinese medicine and ecological science, visiting scenic spots such as the Ecological Trail Garden of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. The other three itineraries are suitable for kids and family fun, with itineraries experiences like a close encounter with miniature horses at the Macau Jockey Club, water fun at the Grand Resort Deck of Galaxy Macau, take part in DIY craft workshops and perform and record songs in a studio like a singer. All these itineraries are available until June.

    More details about the itineraries available at www.macaotourism.gov.mo/en/article/subsidies/macao-tour-hotel.
    The Light up Macao Drone Gala 2022 make for a grand scene as gathering hundreds of drones
    The shows make for a grand scene with each performance gathering 880 drones choreographed to present twelve 2D and 3D patterns
    First show of Drone Gala is themed as “Spring Rejoice”
    Big Big Drone Exhibition
  • “Experience Macao, Unlimited” features monthly city highlights

    The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has partnered with a number of different entities to launch the “Experience Macao, Unlimited” promotional campaign, which will highlight a myriad of appealing activities and events in the city all under monthly themes until the end of the year. Through social networks, videos, graphic design and other media, MGTO is spotlighting and recommending these city highlights to both Mainland China visitors and Macao residents.

    Video of the “Experience Macao, Unlimited” campaign for monthly city highlights

    This month, under the theme of “May there be FUN”, the Light up Macao Drone Gala 2022 and the 2022 Macao International Dragon Boat Races will highlight the kaleidoscope of travel experiences with “tourism+” element in the city. In June, “Tasty June” will cover a diversity of gastronomic activities including the United Nations’ Sustainable Gastronomy Day celebrations on 18th June, placing Macao’s glamour as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy at centre stage. In July and August, the “Summer Heat is On” theme will promise fun-filled summer holidays in Macao.

    In September, “Autumn Delights” will invite residents and visitors to bask in the autumnal charm of the city. In October, festivities will be rolled out under the theme of “Festive October” to celebrate National Day. In November, “November Formula” will take visitors on a breathtaking motorsports journey around the Macau Grand Prix circuit. Under the theme of “Dazzling Winter” in December, visitors and locals can take memorable strolls around the city, thanks to the mesmerising splendour of its seasonal artistic lights.

    The programme will be uploaded to the Whats On website at whatson.macaotourism.gov.mo. The latest event announcements of the organisers shall prevail. MGTO is staying tuned to the pandemic situation and it is dedicated to following the Health Bureau’s guidelines on pandemic prevention through prompt adjustments to the promotional campaign.

    May’s “Experience Macao, Unlimited” theme is “May there be FUN”
  • Macao Grand Prix Museum introduces multiple new experience elements

    In order to help both residents and visitors understand Macao Grand Prix’s culture, an array of new elements has been added to the offerings of the Macao Grand Prix Museum, such as virtual tour technology, a themed café some cultural innovations and more, further enriching the museum’s “education and fun” experience.

    The museum’s new AR tour programme

    From 1st May, the Macao Grand Prix Museum launches a new augmented reality (AR) tour programme. When visitors reach the Memory Gallery on the first floor, they can scan the QR codes on the static racing posters in the gallery with their mobile phones to make them move and show racing clips. Visitors can also use the museum pass to play an AR interactive game, in which they can match photos in the appropriate periods and review the evolution of racing in Macao.

    Visit the museum online anytime, anywhere

    The Macao Grand Prix Museum can now be visited online as well. The museum uses 360-degree panoramic virtual tour technology to create a three-dimensional panoramic view of the whole space, presenting the museum’s exhibition area, venue layout and exhibits in front of the viewer. Public can visit the museum from anywhere and at any time and see it in all directions when they experience its online virtual tour at mgpm.macaotourism.gov.mo/vrtours.

    Themed café adds leisure cultural and creative elements

    A café that’s themed on the Macao Grand Prix was officially opened at the end of last month. Located next to the museum, the café offers a variety of drinks and light snacks featuring Grand Prix elements, as well as cultural and creative products that are related to NAKAMA, the museum’s original themed IP mascot. It fully integrates the concept of “tourism+sports+culture and creativity”. Until 23rd May, each person who buys a ticket to the Macao Grand Prix Museum will be given a drink coupon and a gift coupon available only while stocks last. The coupons are valid until 31st December.

    Museum ticket x boarding pass promotion

    The Macao Grand Prix Museum has also partnered with Air Macau and launched the promotional offer “Macao Grand Prix Museum x Air Macau Boarding Pass Promotion”. Until 30th June, visitors who come to Macao by Air Macau can enjoy a buy-one-get-one-free offer when they purchase admission tickets to the museum by showing their Air Macau boarding pass, which is valid within seven days of arrival and can only be redeemed by the actual boarding pass holders. The special offer is only valid when admission tickets are purchased on a on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Macao Grand Prix in stamps on display

    Visitors can now see a themed stamp exhibition at the museum, on display since April, with a stamp series on the shows under the theme of “Museums and their Collections VI - Macao Grand Prix Museum” issued by Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau in November 2011, manifesting the captivating scenes of the Macao Grand Prix.

    Free admission on International Museum Day (18th May)

    In addition, on 18th May - International Museum Day - admission to Macao Grand Prix Museum is free for the public. There will be a live balloon twisting event called the “Twisting Balloon Car” under the theme of “cars” from 4:30pm to 6:00pm on the same day. The balloon car will be distributed to visitors on a first-come-first-served basis.

    For more information on the Macao Grand Prix Museum, please visit its official website at mgpm.macaotourism.gov.mo.

    Photo collection from the Grand Prix in the past

    Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) is organising a photo collection under the theme of the “Macao Grand Prix in the Past”. It is calling on Macao residents aged 18 or above to submit any photos they have of the Macao Grand Prix from its first edition in 1954 until 1979. Each person can submit a maximum of five photos. Interested participants can submit the application form and any relevant information by 31st May via email (mgpm@macaotourism.gov.mo) or they can submit in person at the Macao Grand Prix Museum during government office hours.

    A total of 18 winners will be chosen by the expert panel, with their submissions being judged based on the criteria of thematic relevance, photo rarity, photo sharpness and text and description. Prizes include money and admission tickets to the museum. The winning works will be exhibited at the museum.

    Parent-child creative workshops to be held in the museum

    A “Hands on Racing 3D Printing Workshop” and a “Creative Low Temperature Wax Racing Cup Workshop” will be held on two consecutive Sundays at the museum on 15th and 22nd May. Four parent-child workshops will be held on both days at 10:30am and 3:30pm free of charge. Interested individuals can visit MGTO’s online registration service system at https://eservice.macaotourism.gov.mo/registration/registerMGPWorkshop.php for details. Registry is on a first-come-first-served basis. Successful applicants will receive email confirmation and they will then need to purchase their museum admission tickets through the museum’s official website at https://eticket.macaotourism.gov.mo/en. The workshops will be conducted in Cantonese. Each workshop can be attended by 10 families with two people per family. Children aged 4 to14 with their parents are welcome to register.
    The tour programme of the 360-degree panoramic view is launched at the Macao Grand Prix Museum
    Public can learn more about the history of the Macao Grand Prix through the new added virtual tour technology
    Photo collection of “Macao Grand Prix in the Past” is open until the end of May
    A new café next to the museum that offers drinks and light snacks features Grand Prix elements
  • Exciting activities welcome visitors to Macao during the Labour Day holidays

    To welcome this year’s Labour Day holidays in Mainland China (30th April to 4th May), the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) is arranging a series of exciting programmes and activities. It is also actively promoting an image of safe and quality travel to attract tourists to consume in Macao and experience the city’s diverse array of tourism features.

    In addition to the “Light Up Macao Drone Gala 2022” - which takes place in early May, MGTO is organising guided tours around special locations within the city’s districts during the Labour Day holiday. Experience the “Cotai Historic Buildings Guided Tour Programme”, the “Subsidy Programme for Maritime Tourism - Tour of Rua da Praia do Manduco”, the “Pleasure in Central and South District”, the “Splendid Island - Community Tourism guided tour” and the “Discovering Macao - Community Tourism guided tour”. These tours focus on enriching the tourist’ experience in Macao and on promoting community tourism, coastal tourism and consumption. Other attractions include the augmented reality (AR) tour of the Macao Grand Prix Museum and the chance to enjoy a newly opened Grand Prix-themed café.

    In addition, the MAK MAK Light Rapid Transit Pass is being relaunched. From now on, passengers arriving in Macao and using an Air Macau “NX” flight code can present their boarding passes and valid travel documents at the Passenger Information Counter in the arrivals hall or the Air Macau Ticket Counter in the departure hall at Macau International Airport to get a special Macao Light Rail ticket for unlimited travel on the Macao Light Rail over three days.

    MAK MAK Light Rapid Transit Pass Video

    Visitors arriving from Guangdong Province via the Zhuhai-Macao checkpoints or by sea must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test that was taken up to 72 hours after the date of sampling. During the Labour Day holiday, MGTO is conducting patrols at various tourist spots and ports of entry across the city’s districts, as well as overseeing measures taken by hotels against the pandemic. MGTO’s tourism hotline (853) 2833 3000 maintains a 24-hour operator service.

    Visitors can obtain the latest travel information via MGTO’s website at www.macaotourism.gov.mo.

    MGTO is organising a series of activities for visitors to enjoy during the Labour Day holiday
    Passengers with a MAK MAK Light Rapid Transit Pass are able to take unlimited trips on the Macau Light Rail over three days
  • Macao stays top of the Asia-Pacific region for Five-Star hotel awards in the Forbes Travel Guide 2022

    The Forbes Travel Guide, an independent global rating system recognised by the global travel industry, released its 2022 Star Awards for the world’s most outstanding hotels, restaurants and spas. A total of 17 hotels in Macao received a Five-Star rating in the 64th annual list, which is four more than last year. Macao once again became the city with the most Five-Star hotels in the Asia-Pacific region and the second-most in the world (after London). The Wynn Macau is the only resort hotel in the world to receive eight Five-Star awards for the sixth consecutive year.

    Four of the Five-Star hotels are newcomers to the list: Emerald Tower and Skylofts at the MGM COTAI, Grand Suites at the Four Seasons Hotel Macao and the Hotel Okura Macau. As for restaurants, a total of 22 restaurants were awarded five stars this year, including Five Foot Road and Imperial Court, which made the list for the first time. For spas, a total of 14 were awarded five stars, keeping Macao at the top spot in the world.

    A total of 1,830 awards were given out this year. There were 323 awards for Five-Star hotels, 558 for Four-Star properties, 401 for Recommended hotels, 74 for Five-Star restaurants, 112 for Four-Star eateries, 67 for Recommended restaurants, as well as 102 for Five-Star spas and 193 for Four-Star spas.

    To view all of the Forbes Travel Guide’s 2022 Star Awards Winners, please visit www.forbestravelguide.com/destinations/macau-china.

    The Wynn Macau is the only resort hotel in the world to receive eight Five-Star awards for the sixth consecutive year (Photo courtesy of Wynn Resorts Limited)
    For the first time, Skylofts at the MGM COTAI made the Five-Star hotel list (Photo courtesy of MGM China Holdings Limited)
  • 11 Macao restaurants awarded diamonds in the 2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide

    Chinese food delivery platform Meituan and food review website Dianping have announced the 2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide, which has selected a total of 283 “diamond” restaurants in 26 cities from across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas. A total of 11 restaurants in Macao were awarded diamonds, and the award ceremony will be held in Macao again this year.

    Jade Dragon and Robuchon au Dôme were again given “Three-Diamond Restaurant” awards, which means they offer ‘a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience’. The Eight, La Chine, Mizumi and Wing Lei Palace were given “Two-Diamond Restaurant” awards, meaning that they are ‘ideal for special occasions’. The “One-Diamond Restaurant” award winners, which are “great for gatherings of families or friends”, were Hip Seng Seafood Hotpot, The Kitchen, Zi Yat Heen, Yi and SW Steakhouse that received one diamond for the first time.

    Wynn is Meituan’s official partner for the 2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide and it will host the 2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide Award Ceremony and the 2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide “Chefs’ Feast” in Macao at dates to be announced.

    For a complete list of the award-winners in the 2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide, please visit awp.meituan.com/meis/meishi-talos-h5/blackpearl-board/main.html?notitlebar=1&mt=1&utm_source=zwcbwx (In Chinese version only).


    Jade Dragon was again given the top award of “Three-Diamonds” (Photo courtesy of City of Dreams)
    SW Steakhouse received "One-Diamond Restaurant" award for the first time (Photo courtesy of Wynn Macau Limited)
  • Macao offers incentives to attract tourists to stay longer in Macao

    Under the theme of “May there be FUN” this month, the Macao tourism industry has launched a variety of benefits, including boarding pass offers and hotel packages, to give visitors to the city a range of rich entertainment experiences and encourage longer stays. The campaign highlights Macao’s “tourism+” concept and looks to give the recovery of the tourism market a boost.

    Boarding pass offers

    Apart from the “Museum Ticket X Boarding Pass Promotion”, passengers who have a valid boarding pass issued within seven days upon arrival in Macao (flight code is “NX”) can enjoy different offers at various resorts and hotels in Macao until 30th June.

    Valid boarding pass holders can collect designated stamps at The Venetian Macao, The Parisian Macao and The Londoner Macao for an MOP100 Resort Voucher, as well as a 20% discount on tickets to the “teamLab SuperNature Macao” and some exquisite gifts. At the Galaxy Macau Resort, visitors can redeem food and shopping offers that are over MOP600. Free cake can be collected at Anytime at the MGM COTAI and at the Pastry Bar at the MGM MACAU. Visitors to the GoAirborne in the Lisboeta Macau can get a free flight photo and video package if they buy a first timers ticket or The GoAirborne® Package.

    In addition, until 31st December, passengers with a valid Air Macau boarding pass can enjoy a 20% discount and a gift when they buy tickets for the ZIPCITY MACAU. They can also enjoy a discount when they buy tickets to the SKYPARK sky-high activities as well as free admission to Macau Tower.

    Multi-accommodation packages

    At the same time, tourism operators are launching multiple packages to lure visitors and residents to stay, dine and enjoy their facilities. Among the examples are The Venetian Macao offers of a “Spring Getaway Hotel Package” with a MOP300 Resort Voucher and a free gondola tour for two guests. The Wynn Macau has also launched the “Enticing Gourmet Retreat” providing guests with MOP688 in combined dining and in-room minibar credit per room per night. Both packages are running until the end of this month.

    With the arrival of hot temperatures, the Studio City Water Park has reopened with City of Dreams launching a “Splashing Summer Fun Hotel Package” valid until 30th June. Guests staying at Morpheus, NÜWA, Grand Hyatt Macau, Studio City or Altira will be given two standard tickets to the Water Park.

    The “Extraordinary Family Staycation Package” issued by Ponte 16 Resort will continue until 30th June. It includes two food vouchers at the Sofitel Executive Club and two-hour admission tickets for one child and one adult to the Angry Birds Play Center.

    Please visit the official website of each organiser for details of various benefits and offers, and subject to the announcement of the organiser.

    Passengers with an Air Macau boarding pass can enjoy a 20% discount on tickets to the “teamLab SuperNature Macao” (Photo courtesy of Sands China Limited)
    City of Dreams is launching the “Splashing Summer Fun Hotel Package”, giving guests two standard tickets to Studio City Water Park (Photo courtesy of Studio City)
  • Galaxy garners the most EarthCheck certifications in Macao

    Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has received certifications from EarthCheck for several of its hotels over the past few years, with the latest one awarded to Galaxy Hotel, which received a Silver Certification for outstanding performance in environmental protection and sustainability in the first quarter of this year. Following the Galaxy International Convention Center’s receipt of a Silver Certification for Environmental Design in 2021, and the Banyan Tree Macau hotel brand’s receipt of Gold Certifications since 2019, GEG has become the integrated resort operator that has garnered the most EarthCheck certifications in Macao.

    EarthCheck is a benchmarking certification and advisory group for the tourism industry, providing an authoritative framework for environmental and social sustainability with its certification programme. It has attracted hundreds of tourist organisations in over 70 countries or regions to join.

    Macao’s Galaxy Hotel received a Silver Certification from EarthCheck in the first quarter of this year (Photo courtesy of the Galaxy Entertainment Group)
  • “Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme” regroups catering businesses

    Since the Macao SAR’s Law No. 8/2021 on the Operation of Hotel Establishments came into effect in 2022, the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has made ensuing adjustments to the rules of enforcement and the award mechanism of the “Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme” (“QTSAS”) for the catering sector. In line with the new law, QTSAS now groups catering businesses into four applicable subcategories, namely “Restaurant (hotel)”, “Restaurant (non-hotel)”, “Simple Dining Establishment” and “Food and Beverage Establishment”. A “Special Theme Award” is newly available while some of the existing accolades have been renamed.

    Due to the pandemic situation, QTSAS will not process new applications from the catering sector this year. However, supervision and appraisal will be conducted upon accredited catering businesses according to the adjusted assessment criteria. On the other hand, QTSAS has halted the submission of applications and assessment for travel agencies this year, but pertinent accreditations remain valid for awarded merchants. As for the retail sector, MGTO will continue its collaboration with the Consumer Council, which brings together QTSAS and the Certified Shop Scheme.

    The public can browse the Macao Tourism Industry Net at https://industry.macaotourism.gov.mo/en/page/content.php?page_id=237 for QTSAS’s latest application manual and assessment criteria which have been adjusted for the catering sector.

    QTSAS adds a “Special Theme Award” in the catering sector
  • IFTM and UNWTO organise “Capacity Building for Sustainable Tourism Through Festivals and Events” online training programme

    The Global Centre for Tourism Education and Training at the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) are jointly organising another online training programme entitled “Capacity Building for Sustainable Tourism Through Festivals and Events”, which will be held between 24th and 26th May.

    Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office, is invited to be one of the guest speakers on the programme and she will share Macao’s related developments and city’s experience under the theme of “Utilising current events and creating new events as tourism products - the case of Macao: what to consider, challenges and issues”.

    Other speakers include tourism academics, experts and operators from Macao and abroad, who will address topics related to incorporating festivals and events into a destination tourism strategy, the benefits of sports events to a destination and how events may benefit communities in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

    The programme, which is by invitation only, has been designed for decision-makers in the tourism ministries and administrations of the UNWTO’s member states in Asia and the Pacific. Relevant personnel from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area are also invited to participate in the programme.

  • Dragon boat races are back this month at Nam Van Lake

    Organised by the Sports Bureau and the Dragon Boat Association of Macao, China, the Macao International Dragon Boat Races 2022 will be held on 29th May and 3rd June at Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre. The Organising Committee will not invite international teams again this year due to the pandemic, but is planning to invite teams from Mainland China to participate in the races.

    In addition to the races, there will also be parade performances and booths for creative products which will provide residents and visitors with an authentic taste of Macao’s dragon boat festival celebrations, as well as enhancing the “tourism+” synergistic effects.

    There are six categories of dragon boat races over the two days. The Macao Small Dragon Boat Race (Open Category and Women’s Category), the Macao Government Departments Small Dragon Boat Race and the Macao University Student Small Dragon Boat Race (Open Category) will be held on 29th May. The Macao Standard Dragon Boat Race (Open Category and Women’s Category) will be held on 3rd June.

    In accordance with the regulations set out by the Health Bureau, all participants in the races are required to present proof of a valid negative COVID-19 test result in the first training session and then on the race day respectively. Participants are also required to have completed two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the race. The second dose has to have been administered within seven months of the race. If seven months have lapsed from the participant’s second dose, a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine must be completed before the participant is allowed to take part in the race.

    For more information, please visit the official website at www.macaodragonboat.com, or follow the Facebook accounts “Macao Major Sporting Events”.

    Dragon boat teams will compete at Nam Van Lake (Photo courtesy of the Sports Bureau)
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