Jun 2022
The “Made in Macau” shopping area brings together a number of local brands (Photo courtesy of SJM Resorts, S.A.)
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Local brands enter Grand Lisboa Palace’s “Made in Macau” shopping area

A new “Made in Macau” shopping area has been set up at the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau. The area showcases an array of designs and products that have been produced in Macao, including catering, jewellery, cultural and creative products, clothes and many other wares.

The established brands include Wong Chi Kei, 853+Concept Store, Counting Stars, Innocent Monkey Club Café, MACCREW, Wabi-Sabi Express, and DVM 3½ Chasing Dragon Jewelry. There will also be a “Happy Gift” selling point managed by the Fuhong Society of Macau in the shopping area. The proceeds from the selling point will go towards the society’s services as well as other cultural and creative projects for the disabled.

For details of the “Made in Macau” shopping area, please visit www.grandlisboapalace.com/en/shops/made-in-macau.

* All information is correct at the time of release.
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