Sep 2022
The “Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao” campaign offers a courtesy holiday in the city to selected tourists
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The “Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao” campaign recruits its first participating tourists to promote Macao tourism

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has launched a tourism campaign called “Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao”. Tourists who are selected in the campaign will be offered a special courtesy trip to visit Macao where a professional production team will record their entire holiday experience. After they are edited, the video clips will be presented to the lucky tourists as gifts. The clips will also be shown on MGTO’s social media platforms with the consent of the tourists in a bid to promote the characteristics of the Macao tourism industry from the perspective of the tourists themselves and their first-hand experiences. The campaign will be conducted in three phases, with the first phase of recruitment lasting until 22nd September.

Trial run of “Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao” launched by MGTO

Individuals who are interested in applying to take part in the campaign can scan the QR code or follow the official MGTO WeChat account to enter the mini programme of this campaign. They can also participate in the hashtag “#Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao” on Weibo by writing about a tourism experience they would like to enjoy in Macao or about a past experience they have had in the city, or even contributing some travel tips about exploring Macao.

The first phase of the campaign will be evaluated based on the number of votes each piece of content that is published on 22nd September gets from the public or the number of interactions on each piece. The two participants who receive the most votes or interactions on both platforms will be selected for the campaign and then may undertake their courtesy holiday and video package in Macao before 31st October, 2022. The two winners will be informed, and their itineraries will be coordinated by the MGTO team.

Relevant activities will be arranged with the prevention and control of the pandemic in Macao as the priority. MGTO will pay close attention to the development of the pandemic, coordinate with the relevant guidelines issued by the Health Bureau and adjust the tourism campaign accordingly.

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