• “Cheers for 10th MITE” - 10th Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo will commence in late September

    The 10th Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo (referred to as the “Expo” or “MITE”) will take place at Halls A and B, Cotai Expo of the Venetian Macao from 23rd to 25th September 2022. Offering free admission for the public, the Expo will present seven major highlights which fuel integration across the sectors of “tourism +”. Under the theme “Cheers for 10th MITE”, members of the tourism and related sectors can connect, forge partnerships, and navigate business opportunities together.

    Promotional video for 10th MITE

    The organiser Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and the coordinator Macau Travel Agency Association co-held a press conference on 2nd September to elaborate the program of the 10th MITE. MGTO Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, MGTO Deputy Directors Cheng Wai Tong and Ricky Hoi, and President of Macau Travel Agency Association, Alex Lao, attended the press conference with other personages.

    Usher in a new chapter on 10th anniversary

    Senna Fernandes highlighted, “In 2021, MITE garnered the accreditation from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) as an ‘UFI Approved International Event’. This recognition is a great encouragement for us in reaching a decade-long success this year. Our dedication will continue in pursuit of excellence, innovation, quality and impact, as we strive to deliver Macao’s unique strengths and impact at the Expo. The event will deepen integration across “tourism +” and contribute to enriching Macao’s vibrant offer as a world centre of tourism and leisure, steering the economy towards adequate diversification.”

    Worldwide industry delegates explore business opportunities

    The Expo will offer a confluence of Cloud series and physical exhibitions to deepen integration across “tourism+” as before. Industry operators can explore business opportunities online and offline, thereby invigorating the tourism economy. The exhibition floor covers about 23,000 square metres and will accommodate over 842 booths this year. The event will engage exhibitors and buyers online and offline. To date, some 471 exhibitors have registered for participation. There are 197 local exhibitors and 247 Mainland exhibitors offline, as well as 27 online exhibitors (including 24 international exhibitors and three Mainland exhibitors). There are 286 buyers in total, including 221 offline and 65 online buyers.

    Seven major highlights with new zones and pavilions to deepen “tourism +” integration

    The Expo will feature seven major highlights and incorporate new elements for more profound integration across “tourism +”. The Cloud series will be enriched. New elements will come into the limelight including the Lusofonia Pavilion, “Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin” Zone, the Macao Wedding Destination Pavilion, and the Palace Museum as a new exhibitor. The Macao tourism industry zone will set up not just the “Macao Street” once again but also COTAI Strip for the first time. The Expo will continue to promote local cultural and creative products. “City of Gastronomy” Culinary Demonstrations will take place and the “Gastronomy Pavilion” will welcome patrons as last year, among the fascinating diversity of highlights.

    Free admission for the public

    The 10th MITE will open to the public from 11:00am to 6:00pm on 23rd September, from 10:00am to 6:00pm on 24th September and from 10:00am to 5:00pm on 25th September. Members of the public can make an advance appointment online. Admission tickets will be distributed for free at the entrances of Halls A and C of Cotai Expo of the Venetian Macao. During the Expo, free shuttle bus service along four routes will be provided between the event venue and various local points. Free parking will be available to residents at Hall C.

    Strict adherence to COVID preventive measures

    Following the guidance of Health Bureau, the Expo will again adopt a series of pandemic preventive measures such as venue disinfection and staggered admission hours.

    Like before, an online appointment system is put into service to ensure “admission quota, advance appointment, staggered periods”. The public can schedule their visits to the Expo on MITE’s official website (www.mitexpo.mo) from 2nd September. Upon admission, individuals with an advance appointment can obtain a MOP10 receipt which can count as part of their consumption quota required for entering the grand lucky draw. The public can also line up for admission without an appointment, which shall depend on the stream of visitors on the day. Individuals are required to present their valid Macao Health Code in green, scan the venue code, have their temperature checked upon admission, wear a mask and maintain social distance.

    Public-private partnerships present wonderful 10th edition of MITE

    The 10th Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China, organised by Macao Government Tourism Office, and coordinated by Macau Travel Agency Association. The co-organisers of the Expo include Economic and Technological Development Bureau, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Cultural Development Fund of the Macao SAR Government, Economic Development Bureau of Executive Committee of Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, Macao Chamber of Commerce, General Union of Neighbors Association of Macau, Macao Federation of Trade Unions, the Women’s General Association of Macau, Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macau, Association of Macao Tourist Agents, Travel Industry Council of Macau and Macau Hotel Association. Integrated leisure enterprise partners include MGM, Melco Resorts & Entertainment, SJM Resorts, S.A., Wynn, Galaxy Entertainment Group and Sands China Limited. Other partners include Bank of China Macau Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) Limited, and CTM - Macau Telecom Company, Limited. TDM is the media partner.

    UFI-Approved International Event

    The first edition of MITE was staged in 2013. MGTO has been taking up the role of organizer since 2016, striving to deliver Macao’s unique strengths and impact as a platform, boost the concerted development of “tourism +” sectors and support the trade to connect, forge partnerships and navigate business opportunities. In 2021, MITE received the accreditation from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) as an “UFI Approved International Event”, showing to the world its international influence and professionalism.

    For the fascinating program and latest information, please visit MITE’s official website www.mitexpo.mo, or follow MITE on Facebook and WeChat.

    10<sup>th</sup> MITE will be staged from 23<sup>rd</sup> to 25<sup>th</sup> September
    A press conference is held for the 10<sup>th</sup> MITE
    A press conference is held for the 10<sup>th</sup> MITE
    A press conference is held for the 10<sup>th</sup> MITE
    Rendering of MGTO’s pavilion
    Rendering of “Mak Mak Land”
    MITE features “City of Gastronomy” Culinary Demonstrations and “Gastronomy Pavilion” again (stock photo)
    There is a grand lucky drawer for consumers at MITE again (stock photo)
  • Macao caravan roadshow tour across Greater Bay Area kicks off

    The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) is partnering with leisure tourism businesses in the city as well as e-commerce platforms and online travel agencies (OTAs) on the Mainland to create an array of caravan roadshows across the Guangdong Province cities of the Greater Bay Area. The roadshows, all under the theme of “Experience Macao, Unlimited”, encourage residents of the Greater Bay Area to visit Macao. The roadshows were conducted in Zhuhai between 28th and 29th August and in Zhongshan between 3rd and 4th September.

    Colourful elements and activities adorn the roadshows

    During each roadshow, an eye-catching caravan is transformed into a major stage for performances and interactive moments with the audience in order to highlight the colourful “tourism +” experiences that Macao continually offers. Around the caravan, there are interactive exhibition zones featuring themed backdrops for check-ins on social media, as well as a graffiti wall, an interactive exhibition gallery, a game booth, a parent-and-child workshop and a 3D mapping show, among other highlights. Macao Tourism Mascot MAK MAK warmly greets visitors to the roadshows and enlivens the atmosphere. The six major integrated tourism enterprises from Macao also run promotional booths at each roadshow, and the OTAs sell tourism packages and other special offers to Macao, Zhongshan and Hengqin of Zhuhai at each roadshow destination.

    To create a buzz before each roadshow, a fleet of promotional tour buses are being sent out around each city in Guangdong province. Online media and outdoor advertisements are also being harnessed to spotlight the roadshows ahead of their visits. Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are also coming to the roadshows to share the event highlights through live streams, videos, photos and written posts in order to boost the stream of visitors.

    MGTO will stay tuned to the pandemic situation and actively follow the guidelines issued by the Health Bureau to make timely arrangements for the promotional campaign.

    “Experience Macao, Unlimited” caravan roadshows tour across cities in the Greater Bay Area
    Caravan take centre stage in the “Experience Macao, Unlimited” roadshow series
    An innovative, dynamic caravan is transformed into a major stage to highlight the colourful “tourism +” experiences that Macao has to offer
    A number of booths are set up in the roadshows to promote Macao’s tourism elements
    Surrounding interactive zones feature themed backdrops for check-ins
  • “Stay, Dine and See Macao” extends to end of year and adds MITE itinerary

    The “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project has been extended to 31st December. Registration is now open for the 12 local tour itineraries under the project that are taking place between September and December. These itineraries cover leisure, family, exciting experiences, culture and art themes.

    A new themed itinerary for the 10th Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo (MITE) is also included during the extended period. The itinerary is valid for the duration of the event between 23rd and 25th September. For a special price of MOP28, participants can visit MITE, the Taipa Houses, the Museum of Taipa and Rua do Cunha. Participants also receive a MOP100 dining card which can be used on their tour.

    Macao Government Tourism Office hopes that the extension of the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project will encourage and allow more Macao residents to enjoy local tours and staycations, as well as boost the development of the local tourism industry. In the future, different themed itineraries will be added to the local tours for an array of festivals and events to inspire city residents to participate in them.

    A total of 131,212 people registered for the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project between the start of January to 31st August this year, including 36,381 participating in the local tours and 94,831 participating in the hotel experience participants with 38,157 hotel packages sold.

    The “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project strictly follows the preventive measures as always and arranges all activities in accordance with the relevant guidelines issued by the Health Bureau. For more details, please refer to www.macaotourism.gov.mo/en/article/subsidies/macao-tour-hotel.

    The “Stay, Dine and See Macao” is extended to the end of this year
    The MITE themed itinerary has been added to the project during the extended period in September
    36,381 people signed up for “Stay, Dine and See Macao” local tours between January and 31<sup>st</sup> August
  • Macao Green Hotel Award applications close on 18th September

    The Macao Green Hotel Award 2022, which is organised by the Environmental Protection Bureau in collaboration with the Macao Government Tourism Office, is taking applications until 18th September. Since its launch in 2007, the awards programme has been encouraging the hotel sector to adopt environmentally friendly measures to help Macao go greener.

    Divided into two categories, “hotels” and “budget accommodation”, the awards are valid for three years. In the “hotel” group, five levels of environmental achievement will be awarded: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit. In the “budget accommodation” group, there are simply the “Green Guesthouse Award” and the “Basic Certificate” that can be awarded.

    Hotels which have been awarded the 2020 and 2021 Macao Green Hotel Award can also apply for a superior level of award this year.

    Until its 2021 edition, a total of 57 hotels became award recipients, corresponding to nearly half of the hotel establishments of the city.  

    Awardee hotels help Macao lower carbon emissions

    The awardee hotels have collectively recycled more than 60,000 tonnes of waste, which is equivalent to the weight of 15,000 small buses since the programme began. This includes more than 18,000 tonnes of waste paper recycled, which amounts to saving around 300,000 trees.

    In addition, 70% of the awardee hotels have recycled their food waste, with the total accumulated volume exceeding 8,900 tonnes. That is the same weight as 2,225 small buses.

    There has also been an increase in the number of electric vehicle charging facilities at awardee hotels, with equipment having already been installed at more than 100 electric vehicle charging places. That is a 70% increase over the past two years.

    For more information about the Macao Green Hotel Award, please visit www.dspa.gov.mo/greenhotel.

    Since the Macao Green Hotel Award was launched in 2007, a total of 57 hotels received an award (Photo source: Environmental Protection Bureau)
    Eligible hotels and guesthouses can apply for the Macao Green Hotel Award 2022 until 18<sup>th</sup> September
    Awardee hotels install solar photovoltaic panels to enhance their energy efficiency
    Awardee hotels set up glass bottled water production lines (Photo source: Environmental Protection Bureau)
    Participating hotels increase the amount of electric vehicle charging facilities in Macao to help the city go greener in the future (Photo source: Environmental Protection Bureau)
  • 2022 Sands Shopping Carnival supports the development of local SMEs

    Sands China Limited is this month bringing back its Sands Shopping Carnival for the third year. Launched to provide a free business platform for local SMEs and Sands retailers to revive the economy amid the pandemic, the event has been growing in popularity with new attractions added this year.

    Taking place at The Venetian Macao’s Cotai Expo Halls A and B between 10th and 12th September, this year’s edition of the large sale event will have more than 580 booths, with new Healthy Lifestyle and Sport Accessories areas for residents and tourists to explore, as well as an international cuisine food court area, children’s entertainment and other activities.

    The Sands Shopping Carnival, which won the “Innovative Exhibition Award” in the Macao Convention and Exhibition Commendation Awards 2020 for its outstanding performance in exhibition and event organisation and in carrying out marketing strategies, has attracted more than 210,000 visitors over its previous two years. The 2022 Sands Shopping Carnival is organised by Sands China Limited and co-organised by the Macao Chamber of Commerce, with Macao Government Tourism Office among its supporting entities.

    The Sands Shopping Carnival, which is popular with both locals and tourists, has attracted more than 210,000 visitors over its previous two editions (Photo courtesy of Sands China Limited)
    The Sands Shopping Carnival offers a range of activities for visitors (Photo courtesy of Sands China Limited)
  • Macao’s economic recovery aided as “target goals” are accomplished in the city’s tourism master plan

    The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has announced that 76 out of the 77 “phased plans” proposed in the Macao Tourism Industry Development Master Plan for 2021 were implemented. A total of 63 of those “phased plans”, the name given to project projected to take between zero and five years, accomplished their “target goals”, meaning that there was an overall 82% implementation rate.

    Seven action in focus undertaken in 2021 were highlighted in the master plan: the effects of “tourism +”, Macao’s tourism products and facilities, quality tourism and collaboration, precision marketing, urban construction, smart technologies, and regional and international cooperation.

    Many projects were launched in the city last year including an official MGTO flagship store on multinational online travel platform, the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project, the “Macao Highlight Tours”, the “Macao Full of Fun - Smart Trip Planner”, the “Incubation Plan for Macao’s KOL in Tourism” and the “Short Videos about Macao” campaigns. Plus, Macao tourism and MICE presentation seminars, “Macao Week” and “Light Up Macao Drone Gala” were all successively organised.

    In 2021, the Macao Grand Prix Museum reopened after a massive renovation, providing opportunities for the city’s cultural and creative professionals as they were able to create souvenirs for sale at the museum shop. Cultural, tourism and educational exchanges with the cities in the Greater Bay Area continued to be conducted as well. Virtual participation in international tourism organisation meetings in Macao also continued to maintain the city’s exposure and prestige in the area of international tourism. Last but not least, the city’s first monitoring report and work plan for the next four years were presented to the Secretariat of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

    In accordance with the master plan, the Macao SAR government and the city’s tourism industry are committed to providing tourists with a variety of diverse experiences and promoting the development of regional tourism so as to expand domestic demand and drive community consumption. This is all part of Macao’s ongoing drive to stimulate the recovery of the city’s tourism economy.

    Please visit https://masterplan.macaotourism.gov.mo/2021/index_en.html to review the full 2021 report of the Macao Tourism Industry Development Master Plan.

    The <i>Macao Tourism Industry Development Master Plan</i> is based on seven actions in focus
    The Macao Grand Prix Museum provided opportunities for the city’s cultural and creative professionals last year as they were able to create souvenirs for sale at the museum shop
    The opening of a newly renovated Macao Grand Prix Museum was a great example of the optimisation of the city’s tourism offerings and facilities
    Live streaming of Macao’s tourism products and offerings was a strong marketing strategy carried out in the city
    Urban construction projects presented the city’s cultural, tourism and leisure space
    The development of smart technologies in Macao
    Macao tourism and MICE presentation seminars were held to promote the development of regional tourism
    Regional and international tourism cooperation was strengthened last year
  • The “Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao” campaign recruits its first participating tourists to promote Macao tourism

    The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has launched a tourism campaign called “Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao”. Tourists who are selected in the campaign will be offered a special courtesy trip to visit Macao where a professional production team will record their entire holiday experience. After they are edited, the video clips will be presented to the lucky tourists as gifts. The clips will also be shown on MGTO’s social media platforms with the consent of the tourists in a bid to promote the characteristics of the Macao tourism industry from the perspective of the tourists themselves and their first-hand experiences. The campaign will be conducted in three phases, with the first phase of recruitment lasting until 22nd September.

    Trial run of “Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao” launched by MGTO

    Individuals who are interested in applying to take part in the campaign can scan the QR code or follow the official MGTO WeChat account to enter the mini programme of this campaign. They can also participate in the hashtag “#Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao” on Weibo by writing about a tourism experience they would like to enjoy in Macao or about a past experience they have had in the city, or even contributing some travel tips about exploring Macao.

    The first phase of the campaign will be evaluated based on the number of votes each piece of content that is published on 22nd September gets from the public or the number of interactions on each piece. The two participants who receive the most votes or interactions on both platforms will be selected for the campaign and then may undertake their courtesy holiday and video package in Macao before 31st October, 2022. The two winners will be informed, and their itineraries will be coordinated by the MGTO team.

    Relevant activities will be arranged with the prevention and control of the pandemic in Macao as the priority. MGTO will pay close attention to the development of the pandemic, coordinate with the relevant guidelines issued by the Health Bureau and adjust the tourism campaign accordingly.

    The “Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao” campaign offers a courtesy holiday in the city to selected tourists
    Under the “Film the Lucky Tourists in Macao” campaign, a professional video production team records the tourists’ journeys for three to four hours when they visit Macao. The resulting short films are later sent to the tourists as gifts
    The tourists will visit scenic spots in Macao, where they can take photos and enjoy guided tours
    The tourists will visit scenic spots in Macao, where they can take photos and enjoy guided tours
    The tourists will visit scenic spots in Macao, where they can take photos and enjoy guided tours
    Participating visitors will taste Macao’s unique gastronomic and culinary offerings for free
    Participating visitors will taste Macao’s unique gastronomic and culinary offerings for free
  • Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme will conduct mystery shopping assessment for F&B businesses

    In view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has suspended any new applications from catering businesses for the 2022 Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme (QTSAS). However, for the city’s 258 existing QTSAS-accredited food and beverage businesses, the QTSAS Assessment Committee has announced it is to conduct two mystery shopping assessments for each company. Merchants who pass the assessments will remain accredited with the Star Merchant Award. In order to introduce the relevant assessment criteria and the working details to all of the merchants already accredited under the scheme, MGTO last month held an Online Assessment Seminar for the Food and Beverage Sector.

    In the meantime, in accordance with the Macao SAR’s Law No. 8/2021 on the Operation of Hotel Establishments, which came into effect at the start of this year, MGTO has made a number of corresponding adjustments to QTSAS’ rules of enforcement and the scheme’s award mechanisms when it comes to the city’s catering sector. QTSAS now reclassifies catering businesses into four subcategories, in line with the new law, and a Special Theme Award has been added to the range of QTSAS awards, while some of the existing honours have been renamed (refer here for details). The assessment and presentation of the new award is expected to begin after QTSAS resumes full operation.

    Browse the MGTO’s Macao Tourism Industry Net at https://industry.macaotourism.gov.mo/en/page/content.php?page_id=237 for QTSAS’s latest application manual and the scheme’s assessment criteria for the catering sector.

    The 2022 Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme online assessment seminar for the Food and Beverage Sector was conducted by MGTO’s Deputy Director Cheng Wai Tong and MGTO’s Head of Training and Quality Management Department, Doris Leong
    QTSAS-accredited catering businesses participated online in the seminar
    The technical support unit Enviroforce Monitoring, Inspection and Testing Company Limited gave a briefing of the assessment criteria and working details to merchants at the seminar
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