Oct 2022
The Macau Modern Architecture - Walking Guide features the city’s unique 20th century modern architecture
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Guidebook on Macao’s rich modern architecture is launched in the city

Docomomo Macau, the non-profit organisation that promotes public interest in and recognition of modern architecture in the city, launched a guidebook called Macau Modern Architecture - Walking Guide last month. The publication features the most significant and iconic examples of 20th century modern architecture in Macao.

The guidebook is made up of eight recommended tours in eight areas of the city that each take walkers around an array of buildings that have been constructed in different periods of modern urban development. The eight areas are Penha Hill, Inner Harbour, Praia Grande, Guia Hill, Reservoir, Mong Ha, Toi San and Coloane Island.

Each walking tour highlights the key iconic architectures on display in that particular area. For example, the book introduces not only the famous tourist sites like the Red Market, Long Va Tea House and Cinema Alegria but also the C.T.T. Housing Block and Lou Kung Chi Tai School in the Mong Ha area. In addition, other sites of interest are also mentioned in the book for walkers to pay attention to when they are following a particular tour.

Rui Leão, Chair of Docomomo Macau, says that the idea of creating Macau Modern Architecture - Walking Guide was conceived back in 2016. He believes that this book can raise people’s awareness - especially in the case of Macao residents - about some of the buildings on the walking tours as he reckons some should be better preserved and protected. He believes modern architecture has a role to play in the city’s heritage and in telling the story of the development of Macao. In addition, he says that this book aims to encourage all readers, including tourists, to experience Macao from a different perspective when they observe and appreciate the unique architectural styles on the walking tours. The buildings themselves have become part of the city’s identity.

The guidebook is published in both traditional Chinese and English and a total of 500 copies of the book’s first edition have been issued. They are on sale in four Macao bookstores: Pin-to Livros & Musica bookstore, the Portuguese Bookstore Livraria Portuguesa, Júbilo 31 books and the Macao Polytechnic University Library. The guidebook is also available on the International Institute of Macau’s online bookstore at www.iimacau.org.mo/bookshop/index.php/en.

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