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Excellent awareness and satisfaction for Art Macao

Art Macao is a mega cultural and artistic event introduced in 2019 (Photo courtesy of Cultural Affairs Bureau)

Satisfaction and public awareness levels for Art Macao – a mega cultural and artistic event held from May to October 2019 – were considered “excellent” by an independent survey commissioned by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO).

The Media Effectiveness Evaluation Study of ‘Art Macao’ said 66,344 articles covered the event, some 56,500 (85.2%) of which appeared in social media posts and another 9,753 (14.7%) either in print or online. There were about 22.71 million examples of relevant social media interactions on platforms such as Facebook, WeChat, Instagram and Weibo.

According to the survey, the overall awareness score for Art Macao was 79 out of 100, and satisfaction with the event was scored at 83.4 out of 100.

The survey looked for mentions of Art Macao in conventional mass media and social media, and on travel websites all around the world. About 83.8 percent of the coverage was published throughout Macao, Hong Kong, Mainland China and the Taiwan region.

Art Macao is a mega cultural and artistic event introduced in 2019, and jointly organised by several government entities under the tutelage of the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture, in collaboration with six big integrated resort operators, a hotel operator and five foreign consulates in Macao and Hong Kong. The mega event ushered in new urban experiences and created an innovative blueprint for cultural and tourism development.

A summary of the survey is available online at