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Visitor spending down by 8 percent in 2019

Each visitor to Macao spent an average amount of MOP1,626 in 2019, 16.5 percent less than the year before

Visitors to Macao spent about MOP64.08 billion on goods and services in 2019 according to official figures. The amount spent by visitors last year declined by about 8.0 percent compared to 2018.
The figures released late in February by the Macao SAR Government Statistics and Census Service include expenditure on food and drink, accommodation, shopping and transport, but not expenditure related to gaming.
The data show that visitors staying at least one night in Macao spent MOP49.96 billion, 11.2 percent less than in 2018, while single-day arrivals spent MOP14.12 billion, a 5.0-percent increase.
Each visitor spent an average amount of MOP1,626 in 2019, or about 16.5 percent less than the year before. The average sum spent by each visitor staying overnight was MOP2,681, some 11.8 percent less than the amount in 2018, and the average sum spent by visitors staying for the day was MOP680, or 12.5 percent less in year-on-year terms.
The reason for visiting Macao influenced the amount each visitor spent. Among the visitors that came to Macao for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions last year, the average per-capita sum spent was MOP3,781, 7.8 percent more than the figure for 2018.
Data accumulated from visitor surveys throughout 2019 found that satisfaction with services and the city’s infrastructure improved in 2019. The proportion of visitors surveyed that expressed their satisfaction with hotel services in Macao grew to 88.8 percent last year from 88.6 percent in 2018.
Some 84.0 percent of visitors felt they were satisfied with retail shops in Macao, up from 81.2 percent in 2018; and the share that complimented services provided by travel agencies grew to 83.8 percent from 79.6 percent. The proportion of visitors that expressed their satisfaction with restaurant services in Macao grew to 81.1 percent last year from 78.3 percent in 2018.