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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 episode, the June and July 2020 issues of Macao Travel Talk have been combined into a single Jun-Jul 2020 issue.

Events & Festivals

“HUSH!! Full Music 2020” goes live – and online

HUSH!! Full Music 2020” includes four workshops scheduled throughout July at the Macao Contemporary Art Centre – Navy Yard No. 2 (Photo courtesy of Macao SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau)

Until August, lovers of music can sample a season of free concerts held live in Macao and performances streamed online courtesy of the “HUSH!! Full Music 2020” festival. “HUSH!!” includes workshops, activities, performances and a short video competition. 

“HUSH!! Full Music 2020” is organised by the Macao SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau and is co-organised by the Macao SAR Government Municipal Affairs Bureau. Promoting musical diversity and opportunities for exchange, “HUSH!!” has been a regular feature of Macao’s cultural scene for more than a decade.

As a part of this year’s festival, four music workshops are scheduled throughout July at the Macao Contemporary Art Centre – Navy Yard No. 2.

On 4 July, the first workshop takes place: “World Music Percussion Workshop – Learning Asalato and Handpan”. The asalato is a traditional African shaker and the handpan is a modern relative of the steel drum. Macao world music group ASURA will introduce these unique percussion instruments.

The second workshop takes place on 5 July. “What Can Lyrics Tell Other Than Love?” is led by famous Macao composer, lyricist and music theory instructor Joe Lei. This event shares his experience of writing lyrics.

“Metal Growl Singing Workshop” on 10 July sees Luktomo vocalist Big Daddy S. teach the mechanics of using the human voice in music. In making various kinds of growling sounds, Big Daddy S. will guide participants as they discover their unique vocal timbre.

The final workshop on 12 July is “Experience Electronic Music Production”. Disc jockey and producer Mark Lam, known as Pai LeaDer, will offer participants an overview of electronic music culture, the equipment, production process and operations.

All “HUSH!!” activities will be held in compliance with the relevant COVID-19 countermeasures. For more information on any “HUSH!! Full Music 2020” event, see the Facebook page, or consider subscribing to the official Cultural Affairs Bureau WeChat account, IC_Art_Macao.