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Economic Bureau launches programme for accrediting shops with local characteristics

The Macao Economic Bureau started in July the first phase of a programme to identify distinctive shops with local characteristics. The first batch of shops accredited by the bureau included 41 establishments in the historic Rua de Cinco de Outubro and streets nearby. Of these shops, 24 sell food and drink.

The programme aims further to optimise the business environment for local small- and medium-sized enterprises, in particular for traditional restaurants and shops. The campaign hopes to improve service quality among businesses on the list and to support them to build their brand’s profile.

Each of the shops was recommended for accreditation by Macao trade associations. Accreditation by the Macao Economic Bureau as a “shop with local characteristics” comes only after careful assessment.

The Macao Economic Bureau has vowed to support accredited shops by offering training in management, in business operations and in sales, with a view to helping them achieve quality improvements and certification.

The programme incentivises the use of new technologies and participating businesses can access new promotion channels. The Macao Economic Bureau encourages shops with local characteristics to build their reputations by using smartphone applications and websites to promote their brands. The aim of these aspects of the programme is to help businesses to market their brands better, to develop new value-added products and to establish a presence online.

Rua de Cinco de Outubro is on the Macao Peninsula, near Senado Square and the Inner Harbour. The first phase of the “shop with local characteristics” programme included the painting of two murals in Rua de Cinco de Outubro, completed in June, which are meant to increase the appeal of the area and create popular locations for visitors to “check in” using location-based social networks.

The programme of accrediting shops with local characteristics is one of the main economic and financial policy measures proposed in the Macao SAR Government Policy Address for 2020. The scheme will be rolled out in other Macao traditional districts after an evaluation of the first phase.