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Macao airport earns accreditation in response to pandemic

Macau International Airport has gained an international certification for excellence in maintaining safe and hygienic facilities for travellers against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) was awarded by the Airport Council International in November, making Macao’s airport the Asia-Pacific region’s 21st to be certified and the 100th worldwide.

The global certification programme was launched in July. It evaluates how closely an airport’s health measures and procedures – particularly those linked to controlling and preventing COVID-19 – are aligned with aviation restart and recovery guidelines issued by the Airport Council International, and the best practices required by the United Nations’ agency for civil aviation.

Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) said the recognition should reassure travellers that the services for handling passengers, and those linked to the arrival and departure of aircraft were safe, secure and efficient. The assessment has 10 areas and includes a section on staff protection.

There are currently special screening procedures for arrivals and departures in place at Macau International Airport, part of Macao’s effort to prevent and control COVID-19. Departing passengers must complete two sets of forms, show a physical copy of a Nucleic Acid Test result and present their destination’s health code if applicable. Additional health screening protocols are in place for arriving passengers in accordance with Macao’s COVID-19 prevention measures, including the use of separate areas for individuals subject to a special 14-day quarantine programme after arriving to the city.