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Macao SAR reveals public honours for 2020, awarding medals to Tourism Crisis Management Office and tourism associations

The 2020 Macao SAR Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit will be officially presented at a ceremony in late January (Photo courtesy of Macao SAR Government Information Bureau)

The Macao SAR Government has awarded the Medal for Distinguished Service – Medal for Bravery to the Tourism Crisis Management Office. The Association of Macao Tourist Agents, Macau Travel Agency Association and the Travel Industry Council of Macau each has received the Medal of Merit – Tourism for their contributions to the sector.

The announcements were made last December as the Macao SAR Government unveiled the decorations and medals for 2020 by the Macao SAR. A full list of awardees is available here.

A total of 34 organisations and individuals was awarded either decorations, medals or certificates of merit by the Macao SAR Government in recognition of achievement, outstanding contribution or distinguished service. The list of 2020 awardees followed recommendations from the Committee of Nomination of Medals and Honorary Titles. An award ceremony will be held in late January.

The awards for Decorations of Honour include the Decoration of Honour – Grand Lotus; the Decoration of Honour – Golden Lotus; and the Decoration of Honour – Silver Lotus. Such awards are for individuals or entities that have made outstanding contributions to the image, reputation or development of the Macao SAR.

Chui Sai On and Zhong Nanshan were each awarded the Decoration of Honour – Grand Lotus. The Chinese Educators’ Association of Macau, Lau Si Io, Leong Vai Tac and Ma Io Kun were each awarded the Decoration of Honour – Golden Lotus. Bank of China Limited Macau Branch and Viriato Manuel Pinheiro de Lima each received the Decoration of Honour – Silver Lotus.

The list of 2020 awardees includes several individuals and entities that were involved in pandemic control and prevention work in Macao. Among them are the Health Bureau (Medal of Merit – Professions) and its Director Lei Chin Ion (Medal of Merit – Philanthropy).

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the Health Bureau, the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Conde S. Januário Hospital of the Health Bureau, the Tourism Crisis Management Office, the Checkpoint Surveillance Department of the Customs Service of the Macao SAR of the People’s Republic of China, the Infectious Disease Response Ambulance Team of the Fire Services Bureau, the Immigration Department of the Public Security Police Force, and the Intelligence and Support Department of the Judiciary Police were each awarded the Medal for Distinguished Service – Medal for Bravery.

Lo Iek Long, Lam Chong and Leong Iek Hou each received the Medal for Distinguished Service – Medal for Community Service.

Medals for Distinguished Service include the Medal for Bravery, Medal for Dedication and Medal for Community Service. These are awarded either to public entities, organisations or their staff, for outstanding performance in their duties or community service; or to individuals or entities for their selfless devotion to work that contributes significantly to society and public welfare.

The team to Africa for anti-pandemic support work, the team to assist homecoming of Macao residents stranded in Hubei Province via a chartered flight, and the team to assist homecoming of Macao residents stranded on cruise ship Diamond Princess in Japan were each awarded the Honorific Title – Merit for their major contributions to the reputation, development or social progress of the Macao SAR.