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Best Certified Shop initiative by Macao Consumer Council now calling for applications

Certified shops can apply for the Best Certified Shop initiative until 26 February (Photo courtesy of Macao Consumer Council)

To improve the brand image of the Certified Shop scheme and further boost consumer confidence in certified shops, the Macao Consumer Council is introducing this year a  “Certified Shop Recognition Project”.

Meanwhile, to encourage already certified shops to improve services, and thus raise the overall quality of stores accredited under the Certified Shop scheme, the Consumer Council is launching a Best Certified Shop initiative. It aims to select and promote the finest of the city’s certified shops. The council is currently inviting applications from store owners wishing to join the initiative: the deadline for submissions is 26 February.

Every participating store in the Best Certified Shop initiative will be evaluated on-site according to three criteria: information displayed (worth 40 percent of the final score), sales policies (40 percent), and environment and services (20 percent). The shortlist of accepted candidates will be published on the council’s website, and feedback from consumers will be used to fine-tune evaluation procedures and improve the Certified Shop scheme.

The top-40 stores in terms of score will secure an Excellent Certified Shop prize, and undergo an in-depth evaluation by the council and visits by mystery shoppers. From the top-40 shops, the 20 stores receiving the highest evaluations will get a Best Certified Shop trophy. The trophy winners will be announced in December 2021.

As part of the “Certified Shop Recognition Project”, the logo of the Certified Shop scheme has been revamped in one of several moves to optimise the scheme. Stores that have passed the most recent annual Certified Shop assessment by the Consumer Council are entitled to receive the new logo.

The council launched the Certified Shop scheme in 2001 to promote ethical business practices and to strengthen consumer confidence in Macao’s retail sector. The council is now using 20 years of experience and feedback to update the Certified Shop scheme.

The programme has been regularly upgraded and assesses applicants each year against the “Regulations and Undertakings of Certified Shops”. The annual assessments ensure businesses are in compliance with the Consumer Council’s guidelines and operate with integrity.