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MGTO launches online video tutorials to deepen tourism professionals’ customer service knowledge

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) is launching in February a series of online video tutorials targeting tourism professionals, and dealing with customer service attitude and related service techniques. The new videos enable professionals to learn more about the “RATER” international model of service quality assessment, and in turn optimise the services they offer.

The decision to launch the series follows a surge in demand amongst tourism professionals for online study tools.

Li Chan Wing, a renowned Hong Kong-based provider of professional training and an experienced journalist, is the presenter in each of the tutorials.

The series, featuring eigth videos, covers topics relevant to tourism industry professionals, namely tour guides and hospitality workers, and people working either in catering businesses, shops or travel agencies. MGTO will make available a new video on its Macao Tourism Industry Net platform every two weeks between February and May, following the posting of the first video on 1 February.

With the latest series of videos, MGTO is striving to help industry professionals enhance the quality of their services, namely by adopting the “RATER” model of service quality assessment. It aims to offer professionals a deeper understanding regarding attitude to adopt and useful techniques, as well as taboos and other relevant considerations in meeting customer expectations.

The video tutorials are in Cantonese, complemented by subtitles in Traditional Chinese and English. A partnership between MGTO and Macau Deaf Association means sign language is also available for each video, for those viewers with hearing impairment. This is in line with the Macao SAR Government’s pledge to promote digital accessibility, while also widening the potential audience for these industry training materials. 

Tourism industry professionals and interested parties are welcome to watch the videos free of charge, via the link “Trade Training – Online Course”, available on MGTO’s Macao Tourism Industry Net (