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Macao airport to see further operational benefits from new technology platform

Since the beginning of February, Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) has been using the Airport Collaborative Decision Making system to collect, integrate and share information, in order to reduce flight delays, increase the predictability of events, and optimise the allocation of resources through monitoring activity at the airport in real time. The objective is to improve the flow of air traffic and the Macao airport’s capacity, enhance operations at the facility, as well as customer satisfaction and travel experience.

The decision-making system is used internationally, with many deployments at European and Asian airports. The system can help reduce the costs of aircraft taxiing, ground holding and waiting times for take-offs; helps make better use of landing and take-off slots; and ensures efficient use of terminal facilities, including gates and lounges.

CAM believes the new decision-making system would be of great significance to improve the overall airport operational efficiency.

Classic pieces of local orchestras feature on Air Macau in-flight entertainment
Air Macau is offering 11 symphonic pieces by the Macao Orchestra and the Macao Chinese Orchestra on its in-flight entertainment system. The music can be heard on the “Macao’s Culture” programme, which is delivered in partnership with the Macao SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau and is a part of “Air Macau In-flight Wi-Fi Entertainment”.
The new cultural line-up can be accessed on passengers’ electronic devices during every Air Macau flight. The pieces include “The Yellow River” Piano Concerto by the Macao Orchestra, and the album series “The Charm of Macao” by the Macao Chinese Orchestra.
“The Yellow River”, first performed in 1970, is a popular work presented by pianist Ju Jin whose music describes the magnificent scenery of the Yellow River. “The Charm of Macao”, composed by Portuguese composer Rão Kyao and arranged by Kuan Nai Chung, former music director of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, pieces of the album such as “St. Paul’s Ruins”, “Lilau” and “Taipa” – describe imagery of Macao’s rich cultural heritage and leisure that depict the city’s great beauty, providing the audience a vivid picture of the relaxing and comfortable living at the Historic Centre of Macao.