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MGTO’s ‘Travel Stimulation Programme’ now covers sports travel

The Travel Stimulation Programme now also covers sports travel activities in Macao

An expanded programme to enhance Macao’s charm as a destination for incentives, weddings, student travel, and sport-related tourism activities launched on 1 May. Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) launched the renewed “Travel Stimulation Programme” with the aim of expanding the scheme’s coverage and activities.

The Travel Stimulation Programme already covered activities in incentives, weddings and student travel. Since 1 May, the scheme has also applied to sports travel activities, which will encourage more visitors to join or organise sport-related events in Macao. The change will help advance “tourism + sports” integration and expand visitor source markets.

In addition, the renewed programme will inspire the market to provide visitors with a greater diversity of attractions, and it is hoped this will help revitalise the economy in local communities. Aside from the existing tourist information kits and the “Experience Macao” half-day tours, visitors now also have access to tickets to Macao tourism products, and cultural and gastronomic experiences, among other offerings that are part of the programme.

The programme is aligned with the Macao SAR Government’s direction to enhance Macao’s “tourism +” cross-sector integration initiatives. To be entitled to a subsidy, each event or activity in Macao under the “Incentive Travel/Wedding Travel/Student Travel/Sports Travel” programme must engage at least 25 non-resident participants that stay at least two consecutive nights in Macao.

MGTO supports the Travel Stimulation Programme with the aim of reviving the city’s tourism market, promoting the city’s diverse tourism resources and products, expanding Macao’s visitor source markets, and spurring the city’s economic revival.

For more information about the Travel Stimulation Programme, and for details on terms and conditions, please visit MGTO’s Macao Tourism Industry Net: