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Visitor arrivals and hotel occupancy rebound during May’s Labour Day holidays

Significant surges in daily visitor arrivals and the hotel occupancy rate in Macao were recorded during the Labour Day holiday period from 1 to 5 May.

During the five-day public holiday period in Mainland China, average daily visitor arrivals in Macao hit 33,000. That represents a 158.2% increase compared to average daily arrivals in the Spring Festival Golden Week earlier this year, and a 25.4% increase over April’s daily average.

The average occupancy rate of local hotels reached a peak of 83.2% during the May holiday period.

Throughout the five-day period, Macao welcomed 167,000 visitors, among which 156,000 visitors came from the Mainland. On 1 May, the city registered 45,000 visitor arrivals. It was the highest daily arrivals number since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Compared with the Labour Day Holidays in 2019, the average daily volume of visitor arrivals this year rebounded to 21.1% of the pre-pandemic figure in 2019 (158,082). The average hotel occupancy rate neared the corresponding figure in 2019 of 96.6%.

Occupancy rate topped 83%

Figures provided by industry operators revealed that local hotel establishments (hotels and guest houses) saw an average occupancy rate of 83.2% during the five-day holiday – an increase of 34.6 percentage points compared with Spring Festival Golden Week in 2021. The supply of rooms in hotels and guest houses has reached a total of 41,923 rooms.

Industry figures show that the average occupancy rate of 5-star hotels was 84.8%, up 33.8 percentage points compared with the Spring Festival Golden Week earlier this year.

Among other room categories, the average occupancy rate of 4-star hotels was 79.6% (up 29.7 percentage points compared with the Spring Festival Golden Week); the average occupancy of 3-star hotels was 86.6% (up 41.4 percentage points in comparison).

Higher room rates

The average room rate of all hotel establishments (hotels and guest houses) in Macao was about MOP1,263.70 during the five-day Labour Day period, a 1.7% increase on the result from the Spring Festival Golden Week in 2021 in February.

The average room rates at 5-star and 4-star hotels were about MOP1,475.90 (up 1.1 percentage points compared to February’s festival period) and MOP885.80 (up 20.8 percentage points in comparison). The average room rate at 3-star hotels was about MOP799.70, a rise of 11.0 percentage points compared to February’s data.

Rigorous patrols, continuous promotion

Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) conducted 28 inspections targeting major ports of entry, tourist attractions, as well as hotels for their implementation of pandemic preventive measures, during the 1 to 5 May period. The inspections uncovered no sign of irregularities.

MGTO has rolled out online and offline promotional initiatives targeting Mainland visitor markets to highlight Macao’s image as a safe and quality destination.

This continuous effort has helped spur a steady upward trend in visitor arrivals. MGTO will meticulously plan tourism products and promote destinations to Mainland audiences using different channels and initiatives to assist tourism’s revival.

Visitor arrivals and hotel occupancy in April record highest monthly tally since onset of the pandemic

Visitor arrivals to Macao reached 794,819 in April 2021, up 5.3% month-to-month and an upsurge of 7,098.8% year-on-year. Hotel occupancy rate reached 58.5%, an increase from the 55.3% rate achieved in March 2021 and up 45.9 percentage points from April last year.

April was the highest monthly tally for both visitor arrivals and hotel occupancy since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, according to data from the Macao SAR Government Statistics and Census Service (DSEC).

Overnight-stay visitor arrivals in April stood at 450,579; while same-day visitor arrivals topped 344,240.

The average length of stay of visitors shortened by 5.7 days year-on-year to 1.6 days, with that of overnight visitors (2.9 days) reducing notably by 18.2 days on account of the adjustments in pandemic prevention measures in Macao. The duration for same-day visitors (0.1 day) remained unchanged.

About 92.0% of visitors to Macao in April came from Mainland China. The number of Mainland visitors leapt by 6,861.3% year-on-year in April, to 730,934, with 300,467 of them travelling under the Individual Visit Scheme.

There were 56,760 visitors from Hong Kong and 7,091 from the Taiwan region.

In April, the total number of hotel guests leapt by 550.3% year-on-year to 694,000, with Mainland guests (603,000) and local guests (61,000) increasing by 761.2% and 149.3% respectively. Data from DSEC showed that in April, there were 119 hotels and guesthouses open for accommodation, up by nine units compared to the same month in 2020, and the number of available rooms rose by 10.5% to about 37,000. Hotels and guesthouses used for COVID-19-related medical observation were excluded in the data compiled by DSEC.