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MGTO resumes 2021 QTSAS assessment for F&B sector

In line with the Macao SAR Government’s efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic, and taking into consideration the opinions from the Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme (QTSAS) Assessment Committee and the progress of recovery in different sectors, Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) will in 2021 suspend again the QTSAS application programme for the catering sector. The Office will however resume its process of supervision and appraisal on the QTSAS-accredited catering businesses this year.

The QTSAS application and assessment process had been cancelled last year because of the pandemic. All enterprises in the catering, travel agency and retailing industries with QTSAS accreditation issued in 2019 retained their accreditation for 2020.

MGTO held the 2021 “Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme” Assessment Seminar for Food and Beverage Sector on 29 June, with the aim to brief industry operators on the judging criteria of the Scheme. 

Speaking at the seminar, MGTO Deputy Director Cheng Wai Tong said the COVID-19 pandemic had since 2020 made a sweeping impact on society and various sectors in Macao. Despite the challenges, the local economy was now gaining steady momentum towards recovery, thanks to the city’s achievements in the fight against COVID-19, and the launch of various supportive measures by the Macao SAR Government. 

This year, he added, MGTO will reactivate its process of supervision and appraisal for the catering sector under QTSAS, to assess various accredited businesses, with the aim to push forward quality tourism services and reinforce Macao’s positive image as a safe and quality destination. 

During the seminar, members of the technical support unit for this year’s QTSAS assessment work during the period of supervision, Enviroforce Monitoring Inspection & Testing Co. Ltd., elaborated on the relevant details for assessment of operators in the catering industry. 

Consistent with the regulations within the framework of the assessment mechanism specified in the guideline on applications for QTSAS, the QTSAS Assessment Committee will conduct the “Mystery Shopping Assessment” twice for each of the 267 QTSAS-accredited businesses. The overall process of assessment will last about half a year. Enterprises that meet the prescribed criteria and pass the appraisal will retain their accreditation as a Star Merchant Award holder.

The purpose of the QTSAS is to set standards for the quality of service provided by enterprises working for tourists, and to help improve service culture. MGTO will continue to promote and push forward Macao’s quality tourism services through QTSAS, while assisting travel industry operators in organising a variety of training programmes to help upgrade the city’s tourism service quality.