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MGTO adjusts subsidy mechanism to support community tourism activities

In line with the Macao SAR Government policy to optimise subsidy schemes, the mechanism of the Tourism Fund has been adjusted, with four specialised subsidy programmes launched in stages starting from September.

The Tourism Fund will support activities and projects that will take place in 2022 in the areas of “Development of community tourism and economy”, “Gastronomic culture promotion”, “Maritime tourism” and “Travel trade training”.

The launch of the four specialised subsidy programmes will occur in stages with applicants required to collect applications within designated timeframes. Applicants cannot be granted subsidies from more than one autonomous fund or public entity.

Applications for “Development of community tourism and economy” opened on 20 September and will run until 15 October. In the second stage, applications for the remaining three new categories will be welcomed from mid-November.

Funding offers in this category will be made to community organisations offering activities and projects that capitalise on the culture, history and tourism resources of local communities, in tandem with the city’s signature tourism events, to enrich the diversity of community travel experiences.

The specialised subsidy programme for “Development of community tourism and economy” will mainly support four types of endeavour: on-site introduction; carnival; community activity or project; and supporting activities for signature tourism events.

Each application will be judged by the Tourism Fund on five criteria: effects of fostering community tourism and tourism economy, the positive impact on diversification of tourism products and enrichment of travel experiences, level of public participation, technical feasibility of the project and experience of the applicant, and rationality of budget.

The subsidies are one way Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) encourages community associations to organise events that benefit the industry, while delivering economic progress.

The subsidy programme works to encourage the participation of small- and medium-sized enterprises, energising the business environment and attracting visitors into local communities.

For details about the 2022 specialised subsidy programmes, please visit the Macao Tourism Industry Net.