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Second stage of subsidy programme to boost community tourism activities

The Macao SAR Government’s policy to refine subsidy schemes has seen enhancements to the Tourism Fund to advance four specialised programmes for 2022.

The first stage of the subsidy scheme saw the launch of the programme for “Development of community tourism and economy” in September (read more here).

Now, three specialised subsidy packages for “Gastronomic culture promotion”, “Maritime tourism” and “Tourism Industry Training” are open for applications until 10 December. Subsidised activities and projects are required to unfold between 1 March 2022 and 28 February 2023.

The Tourism Fund adjusted its subsidy mechanism to meet the newest principles of financial support granted by the Macao SAR’s autonomous funds. Autonomous funds are required to collect applications within designated periods, activities or projects of the same nature will be referred to pertinent autonomous funds for management, and applicant entities cannot receive subsidies from more than one autonomous fund or public entity.

Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) encourages community associations to organise events that are beneficial to the tourism industry, while seeking to advance tourism development. By launching the three specialised subsidy programmes, the Office aims to encourage non-profit community organisations to organise and roll out tourism events and training for the travel trade.

Gastronomic culture promotion

MGTO has fostered Macao’s development as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and its all-round progress towards sustainability since the city won its designation in 2017.

In presenting the specialised subsidy programme for “Gastronomic culture promotion”, the Office encourages community organisations to weave together tourism, cuisine and creativity in organising and delivering events that reveal the city’s food culture, promote the city and that steer tourism and related industries.

Major activities and projects that may be entitled to this subsidy include culinary demonstrations or contests, experiences of culinary preparation, activities involving wine and gastronomic culture, and food festivals.

Maritime tourism programme

Macao’s maritime territory was defined in December 2015 as covering 85 square kilometres, and the specialised subsidy programme for “maritime tourism” is designed to encourage community organisations to utilise that territory to offer sea-themed tourism activities or leisure experiences.

The major activities and projects eligible for this subsidy include experiences of maritime and coastal travel, and development of maritime and coastal tourism products.

Tourism training

The subsidy programme for “Tourism Industry Training” aims to support community organisations that organise and deliver events that enhance the expertise and service quality of local tourism employees.

The programme will mainly subsidise areas such as costs of trainer recruitment, equipment and facility rental, and materials.

The application period for the trio of subsidy programmes closes on 10 December. The Tourism Fund will carefully evaluate and analyse each application based on the judging criteria and opt for excellent activities. For details about the specialised subsidy programmes of 2022, please visit the Macao Tourism Industry website.