Faster, More Efficient Ferry Service for International Travellers

Number of TurboJET ticket counters increased to 29

In line with the revamp of the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, TurboJET has committed to upgrading its hardware facilities including 29 brand new ticketing counters and self-service ticketing kiosks, in addition to 10 new Airport Route counters.

The Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, in use for over 20 years, began its revamp in July last year, addinga baggage carousel on the ground floor, more counters, ferry ticketing counters and SeaExpress check-in counters on the second floor, along with additional signage, etc. It is anticipated that the revamp will be completed by the end of this year.

In addition, the entire TurboJET fleet has been equipped with complimentary wi-fi, giving passengers exceptional connectivity. Other TurboJET value-added services on the Airport Route include a shuttle bus service during the off-peak period (2 runs per day) to transport passengers from Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal.